Listening Through The Lens Program #6 Playlist

LTTL Radio Playlist No. 6

Michael Waugh – Photo: LTTL

Listening Through The Lens On Air

City Park Radio

Broadcast 30 June 2024

By Jim Jacob

Welcome to our recap of the Listening Through The Lens Radio Program, broadcast on City Park Radio, on the last Sunday of every month.

Program 6 was aired on 30 June 2024.

1. He might be turning eighty this year, but there’s no slowing down for this folk blues icon, in what is Chris Smither‘s twentieth record.  All About The Bones is an apt title as the songs here are stripped back with sparse arrangements and the trademark Smither vocals. Here’s the title track.

2. We’ve played a couple of new songs from The Mavericks in recent shows and, since it’s made our May Albums Of The Month, I thought we’d play another one.  Here’s the striking song called “Name Of The Game” from their latest album Moon & Stars.

3. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats burst onto the scene in 2015 with a cut-through hit in “S.O.B”. More fine albums came before Rateliff needed a break and released a fine solo record in 2020. The full outfit and big sound returns for the excellent South Of Here with the song I am about to play for you called “Get Used To The Night”.

4. Last month we played “Eagle Dare” from Silverada.  Here’s another track from their self-titled album called “Hell Bent For Leather”.

5. Beppe Gambetta is a brilliant finger-picking guitarist. Although he lives in Genoa, Italy he has a strong presence in North America, travelling there every year. He has a new album coming out with one single released this month called “Sit and Pick With You”, which features Tim O’Brien helping out with the vocals.

6/7. Tom Paxton is an American folk singer whose musical career has spanned 60 years and was awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  A tribute album called Bluegrass Sings Paxton will be released soon and two singles are now out which I’d like to pay back-to-back Paxton songs– first Chris Jones with “The Last Hobo” and we hear again from Tim O’Brien with “You Took Me In”.

8. Dead Beat Daddios are a Victorian alt. country duo who have enlisted some close friends to come up with a new single “The Letter”.  Here it is.

9. I watched Michael Waugh perform at the Maldon Folk Festival in regional Victoria two years ago and I was curious to play something from his new record Beauty & Truth.  Here’s the emotional title track.

10. AJ Lee & Blue Summit are a four-piece based in Santa Cruz, California.  They have been playing together since they were in their teens and it shows with their tight playing.  City Of Glass is their third album and you are about to hear the song “Hillside”.

11. Evan Boyer is a name I did not know but his album The Devil In Me is very impressive. Boyer is based in Dallas, Texas and this is his first full-length release.  It’s raw and has a definite edge to it.  This song is called “Mockingbird and Monticello”.

12. Another debut album presents itself, this one from County Down in Ireland.  The band is called The New Leaves and it is quiet and reflective music. I spent a little time trying to get the best track and I hope you like this one.  It’s called “Maggie’s Island”

13. OK, time to put on your dancing shoes and get your line-dancing moves into action.  From Austin, Texas, Jesse Daniel has self-produced his latest record called Countin’ The Miles and this song is about something that’s easy to recognise – “Comin’ Apart At The Seams”.

14. We played a couple of Tom Paxton covers before, we will close with a classic song from the man himself.

Thanks for listening.


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LTTL Radio Playlist No. 6


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Author: Rob Dickens

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