Old 97’s ‘American Primitive’

New album Old 97’s

Rhett Miller, Old 97’s – Photo: LTTL

Alt. Country Pioneers Old 97’s

Release New Album ‘American Primitive’

Out Now

Much-loved Old 97’s have delivered another exhilarating mix of power rhythms and rocking country ballads.

Art work by Tex Hammond, son of bassist Murry Hammond

The band’s thirteenth studio album American Primitive (produced by Tucker Martine and via ATO Records) has much joy to offer. Of the album’s third pulsating single, one of the album’s many highlights:

“‘Somebody’ is Old 97’s at our Garage Rock finest. Of all the genres into which we get shoehorned, that is the least often referenced, and the most applicable. We started off in a literal garage, and have never truly left it. I keep expecting us to soften, to settle down, to go quietly into some boring goodnight. And yet here we are, three decades in, and we are more caveman than ever. Go figure. I’m glad that we have always been willing to lean into what we are good at, the weirdness that makes us the Old 97’s. And I think ‘Somebody’ is the perfect example of that.”

Front man Rhett Miller

“As much as I want us to calm down and grow up, the songs that felt right for this record were mostly big and loud and brutal and dirty,” says Miller, whose bandmates include bassist Murry Hammond, guitarist Ken Bethea and drummer Philip Peeples. The new release has arrived just months before the thirtieth anniversary of the outfit’s storming debut Hitchhike to Rhome and finds the band in fabulous edgy and raw form.

Photo: Jason Quigley

“Over the last year of touring in celebration of our 30th anniversary, it’s been impossible not to feel some emotion welling up at the idea that my bandmates and I have been in this close brotherhood for so long. I think a lot of that longevity has to do with the fact that we’re really the same band we were back then. We’ve experimented with pushing in different directions, and we’ve had experiences outside the band where we’ve learned new things, but the way we approach this music has fundamentally remained the same. Our heart is still in the exact same place.”

Rhett Miller

Here’s the clip of another track “Where The Road Goes” that features Peter Buck on guitar

American Primitive tracklist:

1) Falling Down

2) Somebody

3) American Primitive

4) Where The Road Goes

5) Honeypie

6) By The End Of The Night

7) Masterpiece

8) Incantation

9) Magic

10) Western Stars

11) Chased The Setting Sun

12) This World

13) Estuviera Cayendo

The band has also announced a lengthy tour to showcase the new songs and you can find a full list on the link below.



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New album Old 97′s


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Author: Rob Dickens

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