Albums Of The Month – September 2023

Our Top Six Albums September 23

Jason Eady – Photo: LTTL

Top Six Album Releases

September 2023

Our Top Six Albums September 23

By Rob Dickens

Darrell Scott String Band

Old Cane Back Rocker

HERE Records/Soundly Music

11 August 2023

Another prized entry in the Darrell Scott journal. Never one to forget critical traditions, Scott turns in a dynamic collection steeped in bluegrass and New Grass this time around. Scott plays guitar, dobro, piano and banjo with Old Cane Back Rocker featuring a support crew of A-listers – Matt Flinner on banjo, mandolin and vocals, Shad Cobb on fiddle and vocals, Bryn Davies on upright bass and vocals, plus cameos from John Cowan and Daniel de los Reyes.

As you can see, there are multiple vocals and the four-part harmonies are delightful. The songs chosen (and there’s a captivating variety of hues and styles) all lend themselves perfectly to the string band format and the close working relationship between the players extends to songwriting and selection as well.

Scott has been at it for over twenty-five years and he clearly remains at the top of his game.


Jason Eady


Old Guitar Records

11 August 2023

This honeyed-voice troubadour has the perfect style for classic country music. On his ninth studio album, Jason Eady has moved into country boogie and Louisiana swamp territory and it works a treat (think J. J. Cale). Perhaps some of the success of Mississippi is attributable to the fact that he was born in that state (he is now based in Texas).

The album was produced by Band of Heathens’ frontman Gordy Quist in just five days at the Finishing School in Austin. The recording features three members of the Band of Heathens – Clint Simmons, Nick Jay and Trevor Nealon – along with Dave Jimenez on guitar and (his partner) Courtney Patton and Kelley Mickwee on harmony vocals.

It’s an album that is all about the Mississippi groove sound that I grew up playing and listening to in Mississippi. I wrote all of the songs last year specifically for this record and when it came time to come up with a title I couldn’t think of anything that summed it up better than simply ‘Mississippi.'” 

Jason Eady

It’s a foot-tapping, lose-yourself-in-the-groove delectation.


Via Missing Piece Group

Mike Thomas


Electric 3 Records

21 July 2023

Mike Thomas is an emerging artist based in Nashville. His influences are as varied as they are well-chosen. His booming voice is sometimes Springsteen, Isbell or McClinton and the arrangements on Diamonds are soaring and urgent.

Americana rocker might be as good an appellation as anything. The album has spawned five singles before its release, such is the quality of the material. Recorded at Tresland Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, the album was produced by Tres Sasser.

Thomas grew up in Knoxville Tennessee and moved to Nashville in 2004 where he became disillusioned with the music scene until 2017 when he was contacted out of the blue for a few shows. In 2020, his debut Three Reasons (also helmed by Sasser) was well-received with 400,000 streams on Spotify.

A shining new musical force.


Via Skye Media

The Pleasures

The Beginning Of The End


4 August 2023

At first blush, an unlikely pairing. Gifted and highly-feted Americana singer-songwriter Lachlan Bryan teams up with multi-Golden Guitar winner and Australian country queen Catherine Britt.

The name The Pleasures is taken from a brothel in Austin, Texas – where Britt and Bryan found themselves stranded on the night they first met. The bawdy setting lends itself perfectly to the fiery themes on the record – passion, earthy impulses and vibrant relationship complexities.

The country vibe is still there (in the quieter moments) with plenty of blues and indie rock shades that add up to a breathless cocktail of human observation and guitar dominance.

Two of Australia’s best singers come together and the result is elite.


Via Jo Corbett Publicity

Ryan Bingham

Watch Out For The Wolf

The Bingham Recording Co.

11 August 2023

Ryan Bingham‘s most fearless collection. Watch Out For The Wolf is forged on stark percussion set against his gravelly vocals, pushing melodies to the background. It pushes the envelope into territory that Bingham has not gone before. It has been four years since his last original music, a long time for us to wait. The album was composed in the remote wilderness of Montana from whence he emerged with the album fully written, recorded and produced.

There are also elements of epic western soundscapes and Morricone whistling. There are only seven tracks including an instrumental bridge, so you could call it an album or an EP (the running time is just a tad over twenty-four minutes). It matters not.

Bingham takes some risks here sonically and hits yet another high spot.


Turnpike Troubadours

A Cat In The Rain

Bossier City Records

25 August 2023

Originally from Tahlequah Oklahoma, Turnpike Troubadours are one of the finest and most consistent independent alt. country bands. Lead singer Evan Felker is a mean lyricist and imposing figure who pulls no punches, getting right to the heart of authentic observations with a thousand-yard stare.

Band members are Felker (vocals, guitar), Kyle Nix (fiddle), Ryan Engleman (electric guitar), RC Edwards (bass), Gabe Pearson (drums) and Hank Early (steel, accordion). They debuted in 2007 and this is their sixth full-length release.

A Cat In The Rain is all the more welcome due to a self-imposed hiatus that commenced in 2019. Produced by Shooter Jennings and recorded at Muscle Shoals’ Fame Recording Studios and Dave’s Room in Los Angeles, the album hits all the marks with a graceful twang.




More Music Adventures Await!


Our Top Six Albums September 23

Our Top Six Albums September 23

Our Top Six Albums September 23

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Author: Rob Dickens

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