Whitehorse Heading To The Country

New Album From Whitehorse

Whitehorse – Photo: LTTL

Canadian Duo Whitehorse

New Album ‘I’m Not Crying, Your Crying’

Out January 2023

Canadian duo Whitehorse (Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet) have announced their eighth full-length album I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying (via Six Shooter Records), heralding yet another bold musical turn. Due out on January 13 2023, the pair delves into classic country over twelve new songs.

The pair, who have five consecutive JUNO Award nominations in their saddle bags, have shared a couple of tracks from I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying: “Division 5” and “Leave Me As You Found Me”, the former about a man trying to enlist the help of Canadian Mounties to reclaim his lost love:

“It was just a funny turn at the idea that someone would file a missing person’s report on yourself because you’re such a lost bag of sh*t, and, you know, trying to invoke the strong arm of the law to help get your girl back. I love the idea that you’re getting laughed at, by this squadron of police officers, until one of them pulls you aside, pulls out a guitar, and sings you a country song.”

Luke Doucet

As for “Leave Me As You Found Me”, the inspiration came from sex-advice columnist Dan Savage and his ‘campsite rule’ – if you date someone who’s much younger than you, leave them better than you found them.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying Tracklist:

If The Loneliness Don’t Kill Me

I Might Get Over This (But I Won’t Stop Loving You)

The Road

Division 5

Manitoba Bound

Bet The Farm

Leave Me As You Found Me

6 Feet Away

I Miss The City

Sanity, TN

Lock It Down

Scared of Each Other



More Music Adventures Await!

New Album From Whitehorse


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Author: Rob Dickens

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