Gallie’s Exquisite “Dublin Rain”

New single from Gallie

Gallie – Photo: David Harris


Releases New Single “Dublin Rain”

Out Today!

Irish singer-songwriter Gallie was born in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and now lives in Australia. His newest work builds on the success of his debut album The Occoquan River with its marvellously iconic title track.

The sublime new single “Dublin Rain” is released today.

The song was written during the pandemic, a time that he reflects on as initially being very worried about what was going to happen.

Gallie says “I remember after a few weeks I started to relax, I even started enjoying myself. I know a lot of people were doing it rough and a lot of people lost loved ones and I don’t want to trivialise any of this but after a while I started to look around me and take stock of what I had. And what I had was my family”

“The world was taken away from us, but we found each other, and, in the process, it clarified what I always knew that my family was my world. But the pandemic did go on for quite a while. There were moments when I thought of the world outside. When would I see my family and friends again? Would I ever get to go home to Ireland? Would I ever again be sitting in the Long Hall pub on George’s St in Dublin drinking a pint of Guinness and laughing with my friends. And as I dreamed of Ireland and friends and family, my thoughts turned to folk that I never would see again, folk that were past and gone.”

“My partner says, ‘Where did you just go’!? I was suddenly dragged back to the now, out of my wandering daydream.”

‘Where did you go’? my partner repeated. ‘You were miles away’.

‘Oh, I was just thinking of home’, I said.

That morning I wrote ‘Dublin Rain’.”


Gallie With Band On Tour

You can catch Gallie & Band as they set off on tour to celebrate the single’s release.

Gallie [Vocals and Acoustic Guitar], Jen Anderson [Violin], Danny McKenna [Drums], Tristan Courtney [Double Bass] and Daniel Brown [Keyboards].

Last time Listening Through The Lens caught a Gallie live show was during a break between lockdowns in March 2021. Wonderful story teller. Highly recommended!

Gallie Fun Facts

  1. When he was 14, he knocked on Phil Lynott’s [Thin Lizzy] door in Dublin…more happened
  2. He had a night drinking with Neil Young & Neil’s Dad
  3. He has had a pint with Ozzy Osborne

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More Music Adventures Await!

New single from Gallie


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