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We Review Nick O’Mara’s Overland

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Nick O’Mara


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By Rob Dickens

Nick O’Mara‘s solo debut is an alluring achievement with fine songs and superior guitar work. In fact, the guitar licks throughout Overland are simply exquisite.

O’Mara’s songwriting dexterity was on display with his former band Raised By Eagles and, with partner Jac Tonks in Amarillo. His work has been recognised with Music Victoria Awards 2015 Best Emerging Artist and Best Country Album (2015) and 2017’s Best Country Album.  

From the opening bars of track one “Walking Slowly Into Night”, we are reminded of the atmosphere and mood of Neil Young‘s majestic On The Beach. Slow, purposeful with plenty of space between notes, it is a brilliant introduction into a beautifully consistent ten song assemblage. There are elements of English folk present as well, such as the late, great John Martyn.

The album title refers to the slow and long trek we make in our interpersonal and inner lives. Helping out O’Mara (vocals, guitars, lap steel, bass, keys) are Harry O’Mara (drums), Thom Mann (drums), Ben Franz (pedal steel), Jason Bunn (viola) and backing vocals by Jac Tonks and Brooke Russell. The album was recorded by Nick at Big Shed Studios and by Shane O’Mara at Yikesville.

Here are clips of the first two singles:


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We Review Nick O’Mara’s Overland


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Author: Rob Dickens

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