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Our Top Six Releases

Sturgill Simpson – in earlier, long-hair, electric mode – Photo: LTTL

Top Six Releases

November 2020

By Rob Dickens

Allison Forbes



7 February 2020

Allison Forbes‘ debut Bonedigger was released back in February this year. It did, however, only come across our decks last month and hence its inclusion here. It is such a stunning, fierce and passionate collection that I simply cannot ignore it.

The songs are forthright and unyielding, the vocals are earthy and bold (reminiscent of the great Lucinda Williams no less) and Shane Nicholson proves yet again he is on of the elite Australian producers.

It made number one on the Australian Country Music Charts straight upon release – it’s easy to see why.


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Darrell Scott


Full Light Records

23 October 2020

Darrell Scott surprises with a second full release this year (his excellent Hank Williams tribute aired earlier in 2020). What’s more, it is his second live album in three years (Live at The Station Inn came out in 2017).

Scott goes with the heart again, deciding on this new project with his engineer Erick Jaskowiak in Boulder, Colorado one night. Jaroso, the town, is the last village in south central Colorado on the New Mexico border. Jaroso, the album, was recorded in a friend’s adobe church with no PA system and a small room of attendees arriving only by word of mouth.

The album is therefore fresh and intimate, with Scott gathering a group of songs, originals and covers, that feel just right.

LTTL talks to Scott about the album.


Dave Alvin

From An Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings

Yep Roc Records

20 November 2020

Dave Alvin‘s From An Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings is a sixteen-track collection which features songs recorded over the years for his own records and tribute albums.

Produced by Alvin, there are original songs and covers of material from the likes of Peter Case, Chris Smither, Willie Dixon, Bob Dylan, Earl Hooker and Marty Robbins.

Alvin’s track record of releases has set a high standard and these recordings add to the CV, blending ballads, country rock, blues both acoustic and electric.

Helping out here are the likes of Greg Leisz, Cindy Cashdollar, Bob Glaub, Don Heffington, Christy McWilson, Danny Ott, Dale Spalding, and Cindy Wasserman.

According to Alvin: “The majority were recorded for no other reason at all than the sheer kicks of going into a recording studio to make some joyous noise with musicians and singers that I love and admire.”

It’s joyous alright.


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Low Cut Connie

Private Lives

Contender Records

13 October 2020

Low Cut Connie is the creation of singer-songwriter-pianist Adam Weiner. Private Lives is album number six and it’s a bit of a mystery that the artist hasn’t got more public traction.

Endorsements from many sources including Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, as well as a bunch of critics have helped, but this Philadelphia outfit deserves much more band width.

Maybe this release will put them on the map where they belong. It’s soulful, ballsy and fierce and you can feel the sweat and the swagger that was necessary to put this together.

The band name comes comes from a character that Weiner created after meeting a waitress in a diner in New Jersey.


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The Steel Wheels

Everyone A Song Vol. One


20 November 2020

What a novel idea. At the start of the pandemic, The Steel Wheels took to their own home studios, recording more than sixty songs on the concept of “Distance Together.” Conceived by their lead singer and songwriter, Trent Wagler, the project became an avenue for fans of the band to commission works and send musical greetings to their loved ones.

Some songs were written for individuals, friends and families, weddings and anniversaries or to commemorate a lost loved one. At the end of the process, the band felt they had the most heartfelt, inspiring material they’d ever written.

The Steel Wheels bring their trademark glorious harmonies and musical craft to these nine mini-projects, capturing the tenderness and emotion in every case, making them real and raising our moods and warming our hearts. Uplifting and stirring stuff.

Read more about the album.



Sturgill Simpson

Cuttin’ Grass Vol 1: The Butcher Shoppe Sessions

High Top Mountain Records

17 October 2020

Another glorious release coming off COVID-19. While recovering from the virus, Sturgill Simpson started a fundraiser for his favorite charities, promising fans he would release a new album if a donation goal was exceeded.

Once the funding passed the target, Simpson garnered a super group of musicians whose own work was on hold (Tim O’Brien, Sierra Hull, Mike Bub, Stuart Duncan, Scott Vestal, Mark Howard and Miles Miller).

And voila! A three-day recording session led to Cuttin’ Grass Vol 1 – The Butcher Shoppe Sessions where Simpson reimagines his own material in glorious bluegrass style, proving how strong his songs are and how they are able to transcend their earlier treatment.

Bluegrass heaven from this native Kentuckian.



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Our Top Six Releases

Our Top Six Releases

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Author: Rob Dickens

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