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An original four-to-five piece band based in Tasmania, Australia Cotton Pony are (nicknames to the fore!): Megan ‘Pennyfeather’ Turale (vocals/guitar), Joseph ‘Lurkin J’ Durkin (drums/vocals) and Thomas ‘T.W’ Willis (vocals/banjo/harmonica/guitar) and Cam ‘Chuckles’ Jagoe (bass). Add on the occasional lead guitar Simon ‘Chicken Grease’ McNeair and you have the essence of this alt. country/Americana outfit.

Listening Through The Lens caught up with Cotton Pony a fair away from home – at the award-winning Solbar in Maroochydore, Queensland towards the end of their ‘Off The Island’ tour with Queensland alt. country/folk duo AlfanAnt. The tour is promoting the band’s self-titled, five-track EP which was funded through a successful crowd-seeding campaign and an Australian Council Arts Grant.

It was a small but attentive crowd this Sunday night as the band demonstrated their chops. Their was a tightness to the arrangements that maybe wasn’t there when we had seen them previously on home turf. Megan Turale is the principal songwriter and she has been composing ever since the passing of her father – a means of coping with the immense grief. Her voice flows like honey and the players enrich the tunes.

The set list was extensive, over a dozen songs with all five from the new EP included. “Down In the Swamp”, “Ice Cream Van” and “Promised Land” stood out.

Cotton Pony are on a mission, with determination and cohesion. If you have a chance, check them out.

The EP is available on all streaming services – iTunes, Google Play and You Tube. You can download it HERE.

Here’s a sound clip for “Down In The Swamp”:

Read about Cotton Pony – the band the tour the EP the show

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Author: Rob Dickens

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