We finally made it Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas President Kennedy



24 August 2016 McKinney Texas

Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to things.

In this case, it’s taken fifty three years.

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

In 1963, President John Kennedy was killed as he rode along a motorcade past the then Texas School Book Depository Building*.  Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots from the extreme right of the (top) 6th floor, the window with the best view of The President’s motorcade.  Oswald himself was shot in police custody just days later and the conspiracies about what actually happened began and have never ceased.

There is little doubt that the authorities went to extreme lengths to remove Kennedy’s body and a proper autopsy was never conducted.  The official hearing conducted after, The Warren Commission is widely regarded as deeply flawed.

The most current theory is that the fatal shot to Kennedy was delivered accidentally and tragically by a secret service agent in a vehicle behind.  The theory goes from investigators and forensic experts that Oswald hit Kennedy only once. The fatal shot supposedly came from the agent, picking up a weapon from the floor of his car after hearing the first shots and, stumbling inadvertently as the motorcade accelerated quickly, accidentally discharged the weapon.

Will we ever find out for sure?  The latest theory is so tragic and is in many ways the least acceptable.  Sometimes it is better not to know.

What did surprise me though is, having seen footage of the event many times, I always imagined Dealey Plaza to be flat.  It is anything but.

Anyway, for me this is mission accomplished.  I had just flown Melbourne to Sydney to Dallas, picked up the rental car and headed to this site straight away.

I left the infamous scene and travelled a little while north, stopping the night at McKinney Texas as fatigue set in.

Tomorrow Fayetteville Arkansas and the fayettevilleroots festival.

No more about assassinations, tomorrow it is back to the music.



* it is now the Dallas County Municipal Building, which includes a museum at the ‘Oswald window’


We finally made it Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas President Kennedy


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Author: Rob Dickens

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