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Eaten By Dogs

Self-Titled Album

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Who Are Eaten By Dogs and where did that name come from?

Well, I don’t have the answer to the second part, but I can tell you a little about the band and its debut album, just released on Black Hat Rackets.

An alt. country outfit from Melbourne Australia whose members are Chris Lichti (bassist for Cash Savage – vocals, acoustic guitar and piano) , Mick Hansby (electric guitars, vocals), Callum Preston (drums, percussion) and Josh Crawley (pedal steel guitar).

Chris Lichti’s laconic baritone drawl steadily leads us down some dark and melancholy paths.  It’s honest alt. country music.  Lichti’s lyrics put you squarely in the shoes of strange characters while the band walk or waltz you through their tales, ever dark and brooding.

Nick Finch of fellow band Graveyard Train said of the lead single ‘If It Ain’t Killing You, It’s Sure Killing Me’ (see below clip): “It’s the musical equivalent of a bronzed man lounging on a deck chair by the pool in some luxury resort. He adjusts his balls, puts down his piña colada, sighs, picks up a razor and slits his wrists.”

Despite some truly bleak song topics and jet black humor, there are upbeat moments and rousing choruses throughout the album as well.




“Longest Shadow” opens proceedings with gentle strumming and a lonesome pedal steel – it’s an intimate sound with a moody vibe and is a grand and atmospheric six minute opener.

The aforementioned “If It Ain’t Killing You, It’s Sure Killing Me” is more upbeat in tempo – a Western swing cautionary tune.  “Gallows in Disguise” – are you getting the theme here? – is more traditional alt. country fare with a catchy “Hold On” chorus and nice lead guitar and pedal steel.   A really strong track.

“Ain’t a Bad Man” is a sardonic shuffle reminiscent to me of the great Howe Gelb  (Giant Sand) – maybe without the puns though.  “Lord What Have I Done” continues the deadpan irony and drinking/regret references – “The night’s progressing well.. this is how I pictured Hell”

“Fallen Not Broken” returns to the delicate mood of the opening track and “Another Round Bartender” is a further slow burning remorseful ditty about drinking and feeling the numb consequences.

Here’s a video taster



This is an impressive debut and I would be very interested to see these guys live.  The album launch in Melbourne is approaching and tickets will soon be available:



28 August 2014

The Toff In Town


Read our review of the self-titled album from Eaten By Dogs





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Author: Rob Dickens

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