A Day In Transit

Read about our music travels from Raleigh NC to Austin TX


Where are our bags?

Raleigh has been an interesting discovery, both city-wise and Wide-Open-Bluegrass-wise, but it’s time to move on.

Alarm went off at 7.  Breakfast.  Packing.  Car loading.  Buy petrol er…gas.  Return our van to rental car company.  I’m surprised by extra fees (did I ask for that??).  catch shuttle bus to airport check in.  Flight delayed by 90 mins.  Airport security.  I left my passport in my checked baggage – duh!!  We had to wait for a security supervisor.  Eventually through to departure lounge.

Now a word about technology and blogging. I have a PC ultrabook, an iPad and iPhone.  The ultrabook was purchased on this trip and has Windows 8 which I’ve never used, the iPad has updated to ios7 during the trip and the iPhone has not yet.  I use one device or the other depending on where I am e.g. I have begun this article on the iPhone because it’s handy.

Grappling with three different systems has been difficult enough.  What’s made it worse is that the Word Press apple app has updated multiple times with new features (and bugs!).  All in all, it’s just about done my head in.  Thanks for reading this bit – I feel better now.

Turns out our Raleigh – Dallas/Fort Worth flight was delayed longer than initially told, so long in fact that we were going to miss our connecting flight to Austin.  Several options were considered but we settled on the one with American Airlines putting us up overnight in Dallas and then catch an early run to Austin tomorrow morning.

We finally arrived at Dallas airport around 4.30 pm.  After speaking with several officials with varying levels of competence and interest, we finally got someone to try to pull our bags from the next Austin flight.

We waited at the carousel for fair while but alas our bags had beaten us to Austin.

We contacted the hotel shuttle and eventually checked in at 6.30pm.  By 7 we were strolling to the adjacent Denny’s restaurant – the airline had given us a $12 dinner and beverage voucher.  The meal was tres ordinaire.

As I said yesterday, tomorrow Austin!


Read about our music travels from Raleigh NC to Austin TX

Read about our music travels from Raleigh NC to Austin TX


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Author: Rob Dickens

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