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Last week The Church (Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Marty Willson-Piper and Tim Powles) played a private gig at a friend’s house. It was a very close and personal experience and demonstrated the band’s unique and dramatic style.

A nice warm chicken salad was provided early on and there was plenty of time to catch up with friends before the serious part of the night. Some well-known performers in the crowd as well – Chuck Jenkins and Jack Howard.

The band set up in the lounge room and it was obvious that they had worked on the acoustics during the afternoon’s rehearsal. The sound was pretty crisp given the confines and the fact the room was jam-packed full of punters.

The first song “Metropolis” (from Gold Afternoon Fix) was a gentle and studied intro for the night’s proceedings. As the band warmed up so seemingly did the room. It had been a 38 degree day and hadn’t cooled down much by the time the band started. At one point Steve K congratulated the host Barry for obtaining sauna planning approval for the area! I had a sweet vantage point up the front but by the fifth number “Chromium” (off After Everything Now This) I was thinking about plan B as the heat became relentless.

The first set concluded with “Invisible” (also After Everything Now This) – time for some refreshments and a well-deserved break for the performers.

By the time the band had returned the punters were pretty pumped and looking for something special. And special it was. Of course “Under the Milky Way” proved to be a highlight, as did the encore “Constant in Opal” (first appeared on the Persia EP).

A house gig for The Church may have been a first – a unique experience for one of Australia’s iconic bands – they seem to enjoy it as much as the crowd – check out Steve Kilbey’s great blog of the night:

Special thanks to hosts Barry and Susan Williams – a great night!!

Check out the band’s official and excellent web site


This is the complete set list


Church set list


Read our reviw of a special house concert by The Church

Read our reviw of a special house concert by The Church

Read our reviw of a special house concert by The Church



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Author: Rob Dickens

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