At over 1,000 posts, every word at Listening Through The Lens has been crafted by volunteers.

We are supportive of artists and their music because we believe in what they do.

Add to that is our mission to be totally independent in what we say and the high reluctance for us to have all sorts of unrelated and annoying advertisements and pop-ups. Have you been to those sites that are full of flashing ads, sign-up pleas and you need to click off about five times before you get to read the content that you initially tried to hone in on? And then you find the article turns out to be really hard to absorb because of all the attention-grabbing side displays!

Aside from our time, we have costs – site hosting, domain name, platform and theme fees that are as significant as they are constant. Plus, all travel and admissions for things we cover we fund from our own pockets.

Any support would be really appreciated:

Go to the “Donate” button on any page – it will be on the right hand side (PC, laptop, tablet) or the bottom (phone).

Thank you!

Listening Through The Lens Team


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