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New Music Gangstagrass

Gangstagrass – L-R: Dan “Danjo” Whitener, Dolio the Sleuth, Rench, R-SON the Voice of Reason, B.E. Farrow – Photo: Melodie Yvonne

Gangstagrass’s New Single

“The Only Way Out Is Through”

Hip-Hop Meets Bluegrass Featuring Jerry Douglas

Blending hip-hop with buegrass, Gangstagrass‘s music is like no other. The band’s new single “The Only Way Out Is Through” is proof positive. 

The video of the song was directed by TOUGH DUMPLIN & MZ.ICAR and polished with post-production by Someplace Called Brooklyn.

The track features fifteen-time GRAMMY winner and three-time CMA “Musician of the Year” winner, Jerry Douglas. “The Only Way Out Is Through” continues Gangstagrass’s work of further narrowing the gap between bluegrass and hip-hop with Douglas skillfully exploring the wild side with his dobro. The composition combines expert banjo artistry with dynamic production, propelling the vocals through an inspiring chorus, complete with the Lowdown Brass Band on horns.

“I’ve always been a collaborator, so I am naturally attracted to other collaborators. Gangstagrass is definitely in that category. For a while now, I was constantly asked if there is any type of music that I haven’t been involved in. For the longest time, my answer was ‘rap.’ Until I heard Gangstagrass, I didn’t know how it would work out. When they asked if I would sit in with them at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, I jumped at the chance. ‘The Only Way Out Is Through’ is not only a huge box checked for me but a leap forward for me in my musical education. I love the song. I love the heart and soul these guys project onto the listener, and I am so thankful to be taken into the Gangstagrass family.”

Jerry Douglas

Conceived as a studio endeavour fifteen years ago by Rench, a Brooklyn-based producer handling vocals, guitar and beats, Gangstagrass has evolved into a vibrant and improvisational band, forging camaraderie from the most unexpected of origins. The group harmonizes the unwavering array of skills from Rench, R-SON the Voice of Reason (MC), and Dolio the Sleuth (MC, Vocals), in addition to featuring Dan “Danjo” Whitener (Banjo, Vocals) and B.E. Farrow (Fiddle, Vocals), among other brilliant instrumentalists.

Gangstagrass supporters and newcomers are backing the band’s Kickstarter campaign for a new album, featuring “The Only Way Out Is Through” as the opening track. The campaign offers various support options, from putting a gallon of gas in the tour van to enjoying a private performance. The most popular choice is treating the crew to a milkshake — an indulgence they notoriously love so much that fans have even delivered milkshakes to them on stage. As Rench explains, “Each pledge brings us one step closer to making this amazing new album! Every bit helps bring this message of unity and dope music to the world.”

As the pioneers who made history as the first-ever band to bring real hip-hop MCs to the #1 spot on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart, Gangstagrass is well-acquainted with challenging norms. Their groundbreaking work led to them receiving UNESCO’s “International Innovator” award. Particularly noteworthy is their creation of the iconic “Long Hard Times to Come” – which served as the opening theme song for every episode of the hit FX show Justified – earning Gangstagrass a 2010 Primetime Emmy nomination. 

Above all, Gangstagrass emphasizes the value of education, frequently conducting workshops for K-12, college students and adults of diverse backgrounds. Whether through engaging Q&A sessions, historical lessons, or spontaneous music tutorials, the group staunchly advocates for imparting well-rounded knowledge to everyone. 

Gangstagrass – Photo: Melodie Yvonne



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New Music Gangstagrass


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