Josh Fortenbery’s No Such Thing As Forever

Josh Fortenbery New Album

Josh Fortenbery – Photo: Annie Bartholomew

Alaskan Josh Fortenbery

Debut Album ‘No Such Thing As Forever’

New Single “Sewing The Same Seam”

Juneau, Alaska-based Josh Fortenbery is an intense, gravel-voiced singer and guitarist who has released an engaging single as a portent of what we can expect to hear from his debut album No Such Thing As Forever, due out on March 8.

The first single “Sewing the Same Seam” imagines the tussle between self-improvement and repeating the same mistakes. 

“’Sewing the Same Seam’ is an uptempo existential crisis,” he told The Bluegrass Situation. “Like many songs on No Such Thing as Forever, it indulges in a bit of fatalism while also worrying that I’m capable of more than I admit. I’m a sucker for worst-case scenarios—maybe things won’t get better and not everything turns out alright. And when I linger on those thoughts, it gets easier to convince myself I know what I’m talking about.”

The twelve songs on No Such Thing as Forever are reportedly steeped in community and place. Fortenbery, who lived in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Mexico and Oregon before settling in his adopted hometown, secured a grant from the local arts council, then recruited fellow Alaskan Justin Smith as his co-producer after hearing his work on Annie Bartholomew‘s splendid release Sisters of White Chapel (read our review of that album HERE).

Smith loaded his collection of boutique microphones and handmade analog studio equipment on a truck and ferried his gear east to Juneau, where the public radio station lent them studio space. All the musicians on the album live in Southeast Alaska, and many are members of the traditional bluegrass band in which Fortenbery moonlights.

Honesty is a constant presence on the album and the song titles provide a clear indication of the blend of sharp observations and humour – “Bored to Death”, “Nepotism”, “Bitter” and “Another Existential Crisis”.

“It’s important to find a little humor in everything because no one will want to hang out with you if you’re heavy and dark all the time.”

Josh Fortenbery



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Josh Fortenbery New Album


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Author: Rob Dickens

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