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New Music Tylor & The Train Robbers

Tylor & The Train Robbers

New Single Out Now

From Forthcoming 2024 Album

The previous album of Boise, Idaho-based band Tylor & the Train Robbers was the band’s third release (2021’s Non-Typical Find) and first with an outside producer (Reckless Kelly’s Cody Braun). It was very impressive in many ways (read our review).

Now, as the band gears up for their latest full release Hum of the Road, we have a new single “I Ain’t The Only One”.

“Like most of my songs this one was written on the road, between gigs and travel days and in my time at home. The inspiration for the song started with a beer can, which is really fitting for how the song came together. We were sitting in Jackson Wyoming having a beer before the show and I noticed a catchy slogan on the can – something along the lines of “like a river to my liver,” I liked the rhyme and wrote it down. A couple days later I was still thinking about it and I came up with the opening line of the song “When liquor’s flowing like a river, you start to feel it in your liver.” From there I started playing a bit of the song during sound checks and the guys would play along, building on it a little at a time. After a few weeks the song started to take shape, the rest the lyrics came together pretty quickly and it became sort of an anthem for those nights when you just want to let loose, enjoy yourself and forget about all your responsibilities.”

Tylor Ketchum

Here’s an acoustic version of the “I Ain’t The Only One”:

For the past decade, Tylor & the Train Robbers have been blazing trails, carving a path through the heartland with their roots country and Americana music. With boots worn thin from relentless touring, they’ve crisscrossed the country, honing their craft and delivering performances which has left a trail of devoted fans in their wake.

Brothers Tylor Ketchum, Jason Bushman and Tommy Bushman form the core of this musical powerhouse. Tylor, the eldest, takes the reins as the band’s frontman, rhythm guitarist and songwriter, weaving stories through his lyrics.

The album Hum of the Road was born in Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, Texas, again under the expert guidance of Cody Braun, as well as engineer Adam Odor. The collection has ten tracks that reportedly traverse musical terrains, from rock and roll anthems to country swing, psychedelic explorations, heartfelt folk ballads and classic country tunes.



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New Music Tylor & The Train Robbers


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