Clay Parker and Jodi James Have Our Very Own Dream

New Album Clay Parker and Jodi James

Clay Parker and Jodi James

New Album ‘Your Very Own Dream’ Out January 19, 2024

New Single “Nothing At All”

Clay Parker is a folk singer/songwriter originally from Thibodaux, Louisiana, and has released two albums, The Wind & The Warble (2011) and Any Old Time (2013).  Jodi James is another Louisiana native, hailing from Burnside.  In 2015, James released her first full-length record Things I Leave Behind after a couple of earlier EPs.

Before their artistic paths converged in Baton Rouge in late 2014, Clay Parker and Jodi James roamed the musical landscape as lone troubadours, each nurturing their raw and genuine sound. Now, almost a decade after their first long-distance co-writing collaborations, the distinct sound of the duo has maintained a minimalist yet mercurial quality – in part by reflecting the ways the artists themselves have changed both together and as individuals. Following their self-titled debut EP in 2016 (read our review and interview at the time) and 2018’s The Lonesomest Sound That Can Soundthe duo who jokingly refers to themselves as a “band without a name” are returning with a new LP in 2024 Your Very Own Dream.

Parker and James have garnered a fanbase by creating worlds within their records, populating each song with archetypical points of view yet unique. With Your Very Own Dream, reportedly the pair hone their tightly interwoven technique to a razor’s edge. The vibe with the pair is Watchhouse and Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

The duo has released the first single from Your Very Own Dreamthe James-led, slow-burner “Nothing At All.”

“Rejection remembers. That old feeling was the muse for a healthy portion of my solo work and I wanted to revisit the melodrama of some of those older themes. The singer in this song is a hesitant one, and that push and pull to engage then withdraw became so perfectly palpable when Clay started playing those guitar lines. And our two voices are not singular sounding, but they move together with a healthy allowance of space between. We felt like it worked.”

Jodi James

More information and a list of tour dates are at their official site, link below.

Your Very Own Dream Tracklist:

Fire For The Water

Hey Hey Hey

Nothing At All

In The Cool Of The Evening


How High Would I Have To Fly

A Matchbook Song

Your Very Own Dream



More Music Adventures Await!

New Album Clay Parker and Jodi James


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