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Rachel Baiman

Deluxe Version of ‘Common Nation Of Sorrow’

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Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Baiman has released a deluxe version of her latest album, 2023’s Common Nation of Sorrow is out today (via Signature Sounds). The digital expanded edition features seven bonus tracks from her last two albums, including several live recordings from a sold-out performance in London and a demo of the song “Lovers and Leavers.”

“Equine Elvis” is a previously unreleased song. It’s about a real horse in the American military – he earned his nickname because he just wouldn’t die, even after being shot seven times in battle. My song is from the horse’s perspective, the poor guy didn’t care at all about the war effort, and probably just wanted to chill.  We’ve been playing this one out on tour and it’s been a popular one so I wanted to release this fun live version even though the studio version won’t be out for a while yet. In celebration of a few years of near-constant touring, I’m excited to be releasing some live versions of the songs from Common Nation of Sorrow and Cycles.”

Rachel Baiman

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More from Rachel: “While on the road, a song tends to be reworked and shaped into something new based on the musicians playing and singing it, and that was especially the case with this version of “Young Love”, recorded live in Knoxville with Andrew Marlin and Josh Oliver of Watchhouse. Andrew and Josh have such distinct voices, vocally as well as on their instruments, and it’s amazing to hear this song transformed under their influence.” 

“Young Love,” was previously released in October this year. The song first appeared on Baiman’s acclaimed album, Cycles which came out in 2021. 

Reflecting on the song, Baiman says, “In thinking about tenacity and longevity in romantic partnerships, I imagined a relationship as a third entity in the form of a child. At first, it’s so sweet and cute, and everything seems simple, and then the relationship child turns into an angry teenager. You still love it, but it does everything to make every day difficult and drive you mad. I wrote this song feeling like my relationship had begun  that new phase, but wanting to express my commitment and unconditional love despite  the temper tantrums of this imaginary relationship-child.” 

Rachel Baiman

Raised in Chicago, Baiman moved to Nashville at age eighteen with the dream of becoming a professional fiddle player, before falling in love with songwriting. In the years since, she’s released three excellent full-length records, including her 2017 debut Shame. In addition to her releases, Baiman continues to work as a musician in a variety of forms such as the 10 String Symphony with Christian Sedelmyer, with credits including session and live side person work for Kacey Musgraves, Amy Ray, Kevin Morby, Kelsey Waldon and Molly Tuttle. She is also a regular contributor to No Depression.



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New Music Rachel Baiman


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