Corb Lund Returns With ‘El Viejo’

New Release Corb Lund

Corb Lund – Photo: LTTL

Corb Lund

New Album ‘El Viejo’

Out February 23, 2024

Canadian Corb Lund will return with El Viejo on February 23, 2024 (via New West Records).

The eleven-track set was produced by Lund and recorded entirely in his living room in Lethbridge, Alberta with his band The Hurtin’ Albertans. El Viejo is Lund’s first album of original material since 2020’s excellent, critically acclaimed Agricultural Tragic.

Gathering around his living room, Lund and his favoured musicians tapped into his most cherished musical influences – Marty Robbins, Kris Kristofferson, Bobbie Gentry, Jerry Reed – and developed material around themes of gambling, outlaws, weed and wandering.

“It’s a lot of minor keys and gambling songs, is what it is. It was just a few of us in my house. No studio. No outside producer. No adults in the room. No stress. There’s not a single electric instrument on the whole thing, just acoustic sounds and singing. In terms of having a vision, this is a record I’ve had in my sights for a while and it came out exactly how I’d hoped. We cut all the songs live in the same room with lots of bleed. A bunch of the songs we captured in one take, first time through.” 


El Viejo pays tribute to Lund’s late friend and mentor, the famed Canadian singer-songwriter Ian Tyson (“Four Strong Winds”) who passed away in late 2022.
The album’s closing track is “Old Familiar Drunken Feeling” and a video of that song has been released (see below). Filmed partially in a cannabis farm, the video depicts an all-too-accurate account of Lund being way too high on an edible before a show many years ago.

“It was all totally above board, the state had just legalized it, so it was kind of a novelty field trip for the band to visit the shiny new dispensary. Some songs are ‘based on truth’ but this happened EXACTLY as I sing it. Turns out weed ain’t my thing. And eating it’s even worse, it lasts forever. Fronting a band can occasionally be terrifying at the best of times, doing it high as a kite and super paranoid was hell on earth. When I started feeling like myself again in the second set after a bunch of cowboy whiskey, I confessed to the audience what had happened and offered them all their money back! No one took me up on it. Bottom line? If this doesn’t get me a Pendleton whisky endorsement, I don’t know what will.” 


Corb Lund’s El Viejo will be available across digital retailers, on compact disc and standard black vinyl. A limited Black & White Splatter Vinyl edition including a Corb Lund autographed postcard, as well as an autographed compact disc edition, will be at Independent Retailers and is available for pre-order now.



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New Release Corb Lund


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Author: Rob Dickens

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