Thomm Jutz, Martin Simpson, Mary Sands and Jane Gentry

New collaboration Martin Simpson Thomm Jutz

Martin Simpson and Thomm Jutz

New Martin Simpson and Thomm Jutz Album

Nothing But Green Willow: The Songs of Mary Sands and Jane Gentry

Out September 29th via Topic Records

Grammy-nominated and IBMA Award-winning songwriter and guitarist Thomm Jutz has had a long-running obsession with Cecil Sharp’s 1916 and 1918 collection English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians particularly those tunes from singers Mary Sands and Jane Gentry.

“These are mysterious songs, that’s what sets them apart from popular music. A lot goes unexplained. Why certain characters find themselves in certain situations is not as important as how they deal with them.” say Jutz

Jutz’s desire to pay homage to these watershed folk songs naturally led to a trans-Atlantic collaboration with award-winning English artist, songwriter and guitarist Martin Simpson, making this a special event from a pair of artists whose long and gloried careers feature a line of triumphs and precise musical choices.


“Martin Simpson is one of the greatest guitar players on the planet and it was a dream to work with him on this album. Together we selected the songs and paired singers and songs. It was easy. We had talked on the phone but never met in person. I picked him up at the Nashville airport and five days later we had the first six songs. Then we flew to England together and after a week had the rest.”

Thomm Jutz

Simpson and Jutz both passionately felt the need to keep these songs alive and the pair found a host of others in agreement – artists from both sides of the Atlantic – including Sierra Hull, Angeline Morrison, Odessa Settles, Tim O’Brien, Tammy Rogers and Seth Lakeman – to create a homage to the bridge from Appalachia to England and back, just as the songs of Sands and Gentry originally did. The collection is called Nothing But Green Willow: The Songs of Mary Sands and Jane Gentry and will be released on September 29 via Topic Records.

The first single from the album has been shared “Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies” featuring the delightful Northern Irish folk singer Cara Dillon in a song that inspired a book by Lee Smith and is still being sung on the Grand Ol’ Opry by vocal group The Whites.

“This is one of my favorite examples of how Martin and I played off each other. None of it was planned or premeditated. We ran through this song once in Cara’s kitchen before we recorded it on a gorgeous summer day in Frome.”

Thomm Jutz

Nothing But Green Willow Tracklist:

“Fair Annie” feat. Emily Portman

“Geordie” feat. Sierra Hull & Justin Moses

“Pretty Saro” feat. Odessa Settles

“Edward” feat. Seth Lakeman

“Edwin in the Lowlands Low” feat. Tim O’Brien

“Jacob’s Ladder” feat. Dale Ann Bradley & Tim Stafford

“Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies” feat. Cara Dillon

“The Wagoner’s Lad” feat. Martin Simpson

“Married and Single Life” feat. Tammy Rogers

“The Gypsy Laddie” feat. Thomm Jutz

“The Suffolk Miracle” feat. Angeline Morrison

“I Whipped My Horse” feat. Fay Hield

“Awake! Awake!” feat. Thomm Jutz



More Music Adventures Await!

New collaboration Martin Simpson Thomm Jutz


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Author: Rob Dickens

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  1. The Thomm Jutz / Martin Simpson collaboration is outstanding. Thomm is an amazing musician, singer and songwriter. He produced ‘The Wayside Ballads Vol 3’ for us in Nashville back in 2015.

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      • Your Vol 2 is beautifully put together, a credit to you (as are 1 and 3). I came across Thomm a few years ago, liked whatever it was, then the name registered and the artistic roles he’s adopted ever since always are winning. He can do no wrong. Add the great Martin Simpson and it is going to be a beautiful product. Btw, it’s been a while since Martin has been to our shores…

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