Frazey Ford Live

Frazey Ford at Archies Creek

Frazey Ford

Live at Archies Creek Hotel/Caravan Music Club

Victoria, Australia

30 September 2022

By Rob Dickens

When you have listened to music over multiple decades, you can be seduced by the notion that nothing really is completely new anymore – heard it all before in terms of influences, styles, messages. Of course it is not true (thank goodness!). In the case of Frazey Ford, I’ve been racking my brain since the show under the spotlight here, as to her vocal style and who she sounds like and have come up with NOBODY. So I am going with…Frazey Ford has a truly unique vocal style. (Help me people if you have an inspiration on this point).

When not on tour, the Canadian singer-songwriter has her home between Vancouver and a remote island off the coast of British Columbia. Originally best known for her work as a member of the Vancouver trio The Be Good Tanyas, she has now released three solo albums – Obadiah (2010), Indian Ocean (2015 – read our review) and U Kin B The Sun which was released in 2020.

Her extensive touring brings her to Australia for a seven-date journey along the East Coast in what is her second trip to these shores (a planned visit in 2020 had to be abandoned – you can guess why).

The Archie’s Creek show was a delight with Ford backed by a four-piece outfit that included sublime bass, shining guitar and the brilliant time-keeping of the drummer. Ford alternated between acoustic guitar and keyboards and a backing singer completed what was the best band I have see for some time.

Ford’s songs pack more punch than you might think from the soulful melodies, emotional caresses and vibrato. Take for example the deep sentiment in “Done”:

” I was taking every hit from you…You drive-by-shooting son-of-a-bitch…And I’m done…Well you criticize by numbers…You hammer at the roots…Wait for me to fuck up to find yourself some proof…And I’m done…You’re just stoking the hatred of a story line…While you hide behind decorum and a fake smile”

Other highlights were “Money Can’t Buy”, “U and Me”, “Holdin’ It Down”, “Purple and Brown” and the utterly mesmerising the closing “U Kin B The Sun”.

It was a packed hall with Ford and the audience both starting serious and subdued. At some point the mood switched, the crowd started cheering and Frazey looked more relaxed and carefree leading to an exultant final stanza. A total triumph.

Four more Aussie shows left, two in New South Wales and Queensland, then on to New Zealand and Europe.


Archies Creek provided yet another warm and inviting night of the best music going around. Thanks to Peter Foley and Mary Howlett again!


More Music Adventures Await!

Frazey Ford at Archies Creek


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Author: Rob Dickens

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