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Landon Lloyd Miller New Single


Landon Lloyd Miller

New Song/Video “Bluebonnet”

Thanks to our friends at Thrill Hill Music, we have an exclusive for Landon Lloyd Miller‘s video for his new single “Bluebonnet”.

The song is from his debut album Light Shines Through which is out March 4, 2022.

“Even though the song is pretty universal, it seemed that a song titled “Bluebonnet” needed to lean into some Texas visuals. The rodeo was a natural fit. But also on a deeper level the song for me is about someone wrestling with a betrayal in a relationship – that felt parallel to the image of someone literally taming a wild animal. Someone holding onto something that’s trying to get away. It’s a darker emotional song and there’s something intense about watching a bronco trying to buck off a rider in slow motion. It’s violent and distressing, and feels like the right image to go along with Landon repeating the line “it’s not alright.” We had previously done a documentary on a rodeo rider/bullfighter, Colt Wrangler who stars in the video, and had gone out and filmed these practice nights out in Marion, TX, which we revisited. They’re a more intimate environment because there’s not really an audience. There’s no prize money. It’s casual and these guys are just going out for the fun of it on a Wednesday night. We leaned into that atmosphere, and filmed it mostly handheld with vintage lenses trying to make something that wasn’t sexy or flashy, but felt grounded and real. Landon and I both ran cameras on this one and really just followed the action over the course of one night.”

Video Director Evan Falbaum

Landon Lloyd Miller Bio

Miller grew up amidst the swamps and fishing villages of northern Louisiana. His father was a minister in a charismatic church, while his mother was a traveling choir director. Gospel music always filled the family’s home, and Landon began making music of his own as a child. By 14 years old, he was playing drums during local church services; by 15, he was playing guitar and writing original songs.

He dove into the secular work of folksingers like Bob Dylan during his college years, and the impact was monumental. Before long, Landon had expanded his music collection to include Roger Miller, Conor Oberst, Roy Acuff, and the Louvin Brothers — artists who, he says, “were willing to talk about real life, personal troubles, and grey-area scenarios.

After traveling around in his early twenties, Landon returned to Shreveport and put his creative abilities to use as the frontman of The Wall Chargers. The group became a hometown favorite, thanks to a big, brassy sound that made room for psych rock, shoegaze, folk, and soul. Landon wrote the band’s songs while also working as a coffee roaster and regional film producer. By the time he launched his solo career in 2020 — a year that also found him leaving Louisiana and resettling in the Texas Hill Country, where he supplemented his work as a musician with a daytime gig as a winemaker — he’d also earned his stripes as a music composer, documentarian, and producer for a regional film company.

That whirl of activity sets the stage for Light Shines Through, an album that reintroduces Landon Lloyd Miller as an autonomous singer/songwriter.



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Landon Lloyd Miller New Single

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Author: Rob Dickens

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