Erin Rae Lightens Up

Erin Rae New Album

Erin Rae – Photo: Listening Through The Lens

Erin Rae’s New Album ‘Lighten Up’

Released February 4

New Single “Cosmic Sigh”

Erin Rae has released another single “Cosmic Sigh” off her forthcoming album Lighten Upset for release on February 4 2022 via Thirty Tigers/Good Memory.

The new album was produced by Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Jenny O.) and features guests including Kevin Morby and Hand Habits (Meg Duffy).

Erin Rae says of the creation of the song:

“For me, ‘Cosmic Sigh’ is telling the story of the turning point in healing, in which you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or hope that a new way of living is starting to feel more comfortable; that life is expanding. Something I have learned many times now is that when things start to change, even for the better, it can be intimidating and uncomfortable. The familiar ways of operating, though harmful or painful, can try and draw you back in for a few rounds. Two steps forward, one step back. “Cosmic Sigh” is about the fortitude within; the commitment to have faith in the unknown, and stay the course the intuition is hinting at, and eventually, hopefully, trusting oneself.”

Rae also took a more active role in creating the soundscape that became Lighten Up, playing guitar throughout and feeling more confident in her musical decisions, drawing from obscure songwriters and niche genres like the English Psych folk she’d listened to while on the road. The solitude of touring and then the pandemic created space for Rae to undergo a sonic and philosophical shift where she found catharsis in creating an album that reflected on her newfound lessons of self acceptance, alongside finding the confidence to offer social commentary on the environment, gender identity, and equality. “My last record was a lot of self-assessment and criticism, and trying to kick old habits and ways of relating and not relating to people,” Rae acknowledges. “This one is about blossoming, opening up, and living a little more in the present moment. Fully experiencing what it is to be human.”

Three years have passed since the release of her debut Putting On Airs.

On Lighten Up Wilson contributed drums, electric guitar, and background vocals and the album also features a core band of Drew Erickson on keys and string arrangements and Jake Blanton on bass, with Spencer Cullum (Nashville instrumental duo Steelism) on pedal steel.

‘Lighten Up’ Tracklist:

1. Candy & Curry

2. Can’t See Stars

3. True Love’s Face

4. Gonna Be Strange

5. California Belongs To You

6. Cosmic Sigh

7. Modern Woman

8. Drift Away

9. Enemy

10. Mind/Heart

11. Lighten Up & Try

12. Undone

Tour Dates including a tour of Australian with Courtney Marie Andrews


More Music Adventures Await!


Erin Rae New Album

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Author: Rob Dickens

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