Song To The Trees – Paula Punch

Paula Punch New Album

Photo: Tim Bauer

Paula Punch

‘Song To The Trees’

A Sweeping and Vivid Collection

By Rob Dickens

It might be a little frustrating for reviewers stumbling for adjectives, but it certainly pays off for anybody listening to this mature record.

On Song To The Trees, Paula Punch has found a precious niche. That sweet spot where the music is hard to define, transcending genres and preconceptions. Is it folk, country, indie-something, timeless pop? It matters not.

The songs here are personal, a summary of her journey thus far and full of emotions – inner strength, belief and longing.

The album was recorded with Paula’s band The Fireflys with the help of many local musicians who added their talent – Robin Gist on electric guitar, Marko Simec on keyboards and accordion, Mike Rix on bass and Reuben Alexander on percussion/drums.  Special guests were Matt Fell, Rod McCormack,, Mark Punch, Clare O’Meara, Mark Collins, Bob Scott and Nick Wales. All the songs are original, production shared by Punch, her husband Phil Punch and Gist and recorded at Electric Avenue Studios in the heart of Sydney.

Three of the songs have been released as singles which indicates the power of the material – “Fire in the Hull”, “Full Moon Rising” (clip below) and “I’m Not Perfect”.

About Paul Punch

While she always wrote poetry, and sang in choirs and bands, she only started writing music when she was home alone with two young boys while her husband worked constant late nights as a recording engineer. Her university studies had been in science, where her love and respect of the nature began, but her career since then has been in the fashion world, while still dreaming of recording and performing her music.  In 2015 she would combine her love of fashion, nature and music and create PunchPark.

Very soon her music took centre stage, and in 2018 she released her first album Don’t Look Down which was recorded and mixed by Robin Gist in his home studio, and she toured California with New Zealand artist Jackie Bristow. Married to audio engineer/producer Phil Punch, she only finally started recording her music at his studio Electric Avenue Studios, in 2019/20.

After consistently playing live in Sydney with The Fireflys, she created a local showcase for singer-songwriters called The Punch Sessions. Song To The Trees was released in September this year.


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Paula Punch New Album


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Author: Rob Dickens

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