Felice Brothers – From Dreams To Dust

New Felice Brothers Album

Felice Brothers

To Release ‘From Dreams To Dust’

Out September 17, 2021

The Felice Brothers have announced that their new album From Dreams To Dust will be out September 17, 2021 (via Yep Roc Records).

The brothers Ian (guitar and lead vocals) and James (multi-instrumentalist and vocals) hail from the Catskills, New York State and their eighth studio album reportedly contains a mixture of somber tunes with ones that are musically upbeat, all the while carrying messages about the environment, humanity, legacy and death.  Their current lineup is augmented by bassist Jesske Hume (Conor Oberst, Jade Bird) and drummer Will Lawrence (also a singer/songwriter) as their rhythm section. 

“I want for my music to do what the best music in my life has done for me. I want to do that for other people—to help them think through hard times or think through how to communicate something they didn’t know how to; to just make them happy. This may sound ironic, because my music is kind of dark sometimes, but the music I love best is just the most hopeful music like Pete Seeger singing about humanity getting along or Michael Hurley music that connects to some childlike simplicity that makes you feel light and happy.  Music is a medicine. It can make our time on the planet a little more enjoyable.”

Ian Felice

The band also released the official video for their new single Jazz on the Autobahn. “This song is a story about two people on the run,” says Ian Felice. “They’ve left behind their entire lives in search of something but are haunted by a feeling of looming catastrophe. They are both using each other as a means of escape” 

From Dreams to Dust Track Listing

  1. Jazz on the Autobahn
  2. To-Do List
  3. All The Way Down
  4. Money Talks
  5. Be At Rest
  6. Valium
  7. Inferno
  8. Silverfish
  9. Celebrity X
  10. Land Of Yesterdays
  11. Blow Him Apart
  12. We Shall Live Again




New Felice Brothers Album

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Author: Rob Dickens

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