How Musicians Can Promote Their Music

An artist’s promotion guide

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The Best Way to Push your Music to its Maximum

A Step-By-Step Guide For Artists

By Guest Writer Chris Johnsons

Music promotion is important because it ensures that more people get exposed to your music. By pushing your music to a broader audience, you also enjoy the benefit of getting more fans and, even better, getting loyal fans.

Pushing music to its maximum isn’t a downhill task, though. If you fail to find the best channel and try using every medium you can find to promote your music, chances are high you will spend too much time and resources even on channels that are not worth your time.

This means that you’d end up burning out and, even worse off, sink into depression. You can avoid these hurdles by finding your target audience and being wise in selecting the best platform or ways to push your music to its maximum. This guide explores 5 powerful ways to push your music to a broader but relevant audience.

       I.            Use Your Website

Using your website should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about promoting your music. Ideally, your goal would be to make your website the platform where your fans stop by most often to check your work.

The more frequently they visit your website, the more they get exposed to your merch, albums, and tickets. If you do not have a website yet and you’re just starting out with fewer updates to share; you may consider starting a blog.

There are several web builders that should make this easy for you. WordPress, which powers 37 percent of the web, might be your best bet if you’d prefer working with already made music-themed templates. It also has several capabilities like integrating your website with social media, selling tickets, and even creating events without a lot of technical knowledge.

After you’ve set up the website, you will need to plan out your blog posts, posting a new one within regular intervals, like once or twice every week. When writing the blog posts, take time to brainstorm about relevant topics your fans would love to read and even share.

Some of the topics your fans may want to read about include:

  • The inspirations behind some of the songs you’ve done
  • A roundup of the music gear you use
  • The lyrical ideas you’re currently working on

If you wish to make sales, collect email addresses, or raise awareness on certain topics, using landing pages on your website would be your best option.

   II.            Social Media

There are a lot of things you should know when starting your music and using platforms like social media to establish online presence is a crucial one. If you already have a following, then you have a better chance of pushing your music to wider audience.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok are some of the most common channels successful musicians use to push their work to wider, targeted audiences. As of 2121, Facebook has 1.73 billion daily active users.

It therefore guarantees a good reach. It also comes with powerful functionalities that would make it easy to push your music to a targeted audience based on factors like age and locality. If you are going to use Facebook, you will have to set some budget to utilize.

You will also need to understand how to use the ads manager for creating your campaigns, managing them, and measuring performances. You may need some time to understand how an ads manager works to get the best from Facebook.

Twitter is one of the best platforms you can use if you’re looking for a channel to share your thoughts on trending topics relevant to you or your music and topics your fans would love to engage on.

Twitter will also be your best bet if you have plans to be hosting live Q&A sessions and posting your setlists etc. Use the search function to find groups or people interested in your music or even similar artists and engage with them.

Tiktok reign supreme if you wish to engage mainly with a youthful audience. It’s easy to use, casual, more personal and could provide you with the simplest ways to make your music go viral real quick.

If you’d wish to give Tiktok a try, you will need to release your music to the platform. You can find much success collaborating with influencers, organizing challenges, and building a community.

Instagram also has a significant user base that would be instrumental in pushing your music to a broader audience. With several functionalities like IGTV, Stories, Instagram Live, and others, it gives you many possibilities than you’d achieve with most platforms.

It can give your music and brand a big boost. If finance isn’t a problem, promoting your posts on Instagram would give you a good reach.

III.            Email List

Using email lists would be applicable after collecting emails on your website. It can take time but it would not be a good idea buying an email list. Most successful musicians and bands prefer email lists because it gives you the control in determining who should see your content.

Besides, there is a wide range of email marketing and automation tools that can help you organize campaigns and choose when to send emails. Use a regular newsletter covering the projects you have lined up for your audience and any other relevant updates to keep your audience informed.

 IV.            Use Music Streaming Services

A significant fraction of music lovers use music streaming platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music, etc., when they want to listen to their favorite tracks and also discover new music. Music streaming services can therefore be your best bet on ensuring that your music is readily available.

If you are going to use music streaming services, ensure all your releases are uploaded on all the platforms. There are several playlists for different kinds of music, and getting yours featured may make the whole difference for you.

   V.            YouTube

YouTube guarantees you a good reach, provided that you will be keen to upload clear music videos. Be sure to use catchy titles, thumbnails, and a good description for your music. You can also utilize relevant tags to get your music relevant audiences.

Wrapping Up

There are several other music tools you can use to grow. Be sure to understand how each of them works before investing. You may need to give your brand some time to get popular.

Author Bio

Chris Johnsons is one of the best writing services writer. He is also works as an editor for a big company in London since 2012. He likes taking up new challenges in custom essay papers. Besides his work, he loves swimming and reading books.




An artist’s promotion guide

An artist’s promotion guide

An artist’s promotion guide

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