Los Lobos – Homage to Los Angeles

New Los Lobos album

David Hidalgo, Los Lobos – Photo: LTTL

Los Lobos Return With ‘Native Sons’

A Love Letter to Los Angeles

Out July 30, 2021

Los Lobos will return with Native Sons on July 30th via New West Records.

The thirteen-song set was produced by Los Lobos in East Los Angeles and finds the band loading up on tribute songs from their homeland, ultimately creating a snapshot of L.A.’s musical heritage.

The band formed in 1973 and got their start playing spirited renditions of Mexican folk music at parties and in restaurants. Over the last five decades, the East L.A.-bred band has made an indelible mark by exploring a diversity of genres, slipping easily between them – rock-and-roll and R&B, surf music and soul, mariachi and música norteña and country – and building a boldly unpredictable sound all their own.

Native Sons opens with “Love Special Delivery” by Thee Midniters, an East L.A. garage band and one of the first Chicano rock groups to ever score a major hit in the U.S. From there, it features favoUrites and deep cuts by other Los Angeles luminaries including the Beach Boys, The Blasters, WAR, Buffalo Springfield and Jackson Browne.

Here’s the Los Lobos take on “Sail On, Sailor” by the Beach Boys:

“I played it (the record) for a friend and his first response was that it’s a party record—which sounds right to me,” says lead singer David Hidalgo. “I couldn’t say there’s a common thread for all these artists, but in a way that’s exactly what makes L.A. great,” says Steve Berlin. “You’ve got R&B and punk rock and rock-and-roll and folk, and somehow it exists together in this one weird city that we all call home.”

Los Lobos’ Native Sons will be available across digital platforms, CD and standard black vinyl. The Double LP vinyl editions will be housed in a gatefold sleeve and will feature three sides of music and a custom etching on its fourth side. A Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl Edition limited to 4,000 copies worldwide will be available at Independent Record Stores while a Brown Vinyl Edition limited to 1,000 copies is available for pre-order now via New West Records.

Los Lobos Still Are: David Hidalgo (vocals, guitars) – Louie Pérez, Jr. (vocals, guitars) – Cesar Rosas (vocals, guitars, bass, Hammond B3 organ) – Conrad Lozano (vocals, bass) – Steve Berlin (saxes, midisax, keyboards)

Native Sons Track List:

1. Love Special Delivery
2. Misery
3. Bluebird / For What It’s Worth
4. Los Chucos Suaves
5. Jamaica Say You Will
6. Never No More
7. Native Son
8. Farmer John
9. Dichoso
10. Sail On, Sailor
11. The World Is A Ghetto
12. Flat Top Joint
13. Where Lovers Go



New Los Lobos album

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Author: Rob Dickens

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