Fiontan Cassidy On Windward Waters

 New single Fiontan Cassidy

Fiontan Cassidy

New Single “Windward Waters”


Tasmania, Australia-based singer-songwriter Fiontan Cassidy (pronounced Fintan), has released a second single, the beguiling “Windward Waters” (via 7Hz Productions).

Cassidy is just twenty two years old and has performed his intimate live shows, often just one-man-and-a-guitar, in pub corners and festival stages for the last few years, including the Falls Festival, Junction Arts Festival, Festivalè and Fawkes’ New Voices Festival.

Hailing from the regional town of Launceston, his songs are straight forward, personal stories that tackle the inevitabilities of small-town living – getting older, getting drunker and wishing you were at the beach. Fiontan recently graduated from the University of Tasmania’s School of Creative Arts, and takes a very hands-on millennial DIY approach when it comes to all aspects of his art and creativity –  writing, producing and performing his own songs, music and videos.

He says of his new single:

“Windward Waters is the result of listening to one too many Irish folk songs. I think there’s something special about those melodies designed to be belted acapella in the middle of a crowded pub, it really forces them to stand on their own. Not having to fumble around with finding chords to start with also meant it came together quite fast. The biggest challenge was working out if you actually want to be on windward waters as opposed to leeward. I’m still not entirely sure, but in this industry alliteration trumps nautical accuracy every time. So I’m told!”

The track was produced and mixed by Australian mixer and producer Kyran Daniel, best known for his recent success with Gretta Ray’s Heal You In Time and productions for Pinkish Blu and Sod Ven. Daniel has also worked with a selection of string players in Nashville to remotely record a subtle yet moody arrangement that adds to the poignant acoustic driven ballad.

Cassidy adds:

“I had a lot of lofty ideas about shooting my first music video. But when you’re low on funds, experience, actors, and all the other things you need to shoot a lofty music video, sometimes it’s better if you just go and do something for real. I’ve always loved the idea behind that iconic album cover for the first Arctic Monkeys album – just let your friends loose on the town with 70 pounds and capture the results. Inflation and exchange rates meant I couldn’t afford the 70 pounds, so my friends were drinking on their own dime, but I think that just adds to the realism”

“Windward Waters” will be the first of many tracks by this new singer / songwriter to appear over the course of the next eighteen months.


New single Fiontan Cassidy



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Author: Rob Dickens

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