Sunny War’s Syrup Recipe

Sunny War’s new release

Sunny War – Photo: LTTL

Sunny War

‘Simple Syrup’

Out March 26, 2021

Sunny War‘s wildly inventive guitar playing is perfectly complemented by her stream-of-consciousness communication style, both leaping and milling around as if to test the listener.

Her activities during the pandemic have been equally assiduous, unflinching when others have gone to ground. War founded a Los Angeles chapter of the non-profit Food Not Bombs and put together a network of volunteers to distribute vegan food to the homeless. She marched for Black Lives Matter in protest against police brutality and found time to cut a new album at her favorite spot, Hen House Studios in Venice Beach. There have been two EPs issued as well.

Sunny’s last two albums (With The Sun and Shell Of A Girl) have been warmly received and her live performances are fresh and free-spirited (Listening Through The Lens has caught up with her shows twice so far).

Sunny War – photo: LTTL

Apparently, the weight of expectations for the next album don’t apply to this artist. She’s motivated less by what others expect and more by her own inner muse, and she’s surrounded herself with an artistic group of friends who are constantly writing, recording and playing music.

Coming March 26, 2021, Simple Syrup reportedly has a vibrant, loose feel, more focused on the interplay with the musicians than before. Sunny’s new songs touch on everything from romance to politics, jumping easily between larger concepts like the expectations for famous Black women in American art (“Like Nina”) and smaller ideas like “Kiss A Loser”, her ode to her own drunken self in relationships.

“Deployed and Destroyed” is about a friend that Sunny knew from the streets. A veteran of the Iraq Wars, she watched him fall apart from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, another vet who was unable to get the care he needed and is now homeless and suffering from severe mental trauma.

The album release will be a treat.

Here’s some of her older songs from a Tiny Desk Concert:



Sunny War’s new release


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Author: Rob Dickens

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