USA Music Festivals 2021

USA music festivals 2021

AmericanaFest, Nashville TN – Photo: LTTL

USA Music Festivals 2021

1000 Events

USA music festivals 2021

Welcome to the 2021 and SIXTH annual edition!

Starting this version has not been easy.

We’ve evolved with the task each year, researching to grow the events listed, checking dates, links and locations regularly. A bit of work, but a worthy aim to compile the most comprehensive list we can and hopefully be of value to artists, industry people and pundits.

Then there’s the pandemic.

The 2020 version of our list became of little use beyond March. Like it was…er…infected with ambivalence. Watching the wheels stop as each event grappled with the agonising, but inevitable, decision to pull the pin.

Not that WE have anything to complain about here at Listening Through The Lens!

Spare a thought for those with a close financial and emotional interest in these over-300 events – investors, organisers, artists, road crews, vendors, the local community…

But I guess we need to start thinking about dusting off our collective selves and begin to think about what is possible, to find some semblance of hope – a platform to move ahead as it is likely that many events will be allowed to proceed with people gloriously assembled again, albeit in no doubt some limited form.

So here are the humble beginnings of our 2021 list. The dates for most festivals are listed as to be announced (tba) for valid reason. If there’s a line through a date, that means that formal dates have at some stage been announced but organisers subsequently have had to cancel. If there’s a line through tba, the event has been cancelled prior to any dates being published. We’ll keep returning to websites to check status. Fingers crossed everyone!

We started this list as we found it hard to find a single location that has a sufficient number and details of the many music festivals that take place in America each year.  We also like a simple list with relevant website links for easy connection, plus in some sort of intelligible order.  

The genres we used initially were under the loose banner of ‘roots music’ but, as we have progressed, found any genre definitions to be overly restrictive.  So we have branched out into any event where music is showcased we could find.  Often most of these gatherings have a wide range of artists and styles anyway.  Let you, the reader, be the judge when you look at the line-up as to the level of attraction attending a specific event.

Any corrections or omissions, please drop a comment below or email us at team@listeningthroughthelens.com






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USA music festivals 2021

USA music festivals 2021

USA music festivals 2021

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Author: Rob Dickens

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  1. Rob, On this page you should remove this part:

    “We started this list for much the same reasons as our USA version. It’s hard to find a single location that has a sufficient number and details of the many music festivals that take place in Australia each year. ”

    since this is the U.S. list.


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    • Brian. This article proved troublesome, slow to load and froze, requiring me to do re-write three times. As you know, the more you repeat the same thing, the sloppier it can get. I think the trouble was a hidden column in the Excel table that got imported. I’ll try to add another table – by name – today (fingers crossed). Thanks for pointing out the error! Rob

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  2. The article is helpful to find awesome music festivals. You have included most of the famous music festivals across the USA.

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