Slim Dusty and Joy McKean – The Movie & Soundtrack

Slim and I documentary

‘Slim & I’

Documentary Out 10 September

Soundtrack Available Now

EMI Music today released the soundtrack Slim & I , which will accompany a new feature documentary of the same name directed by Kriv Stenders (via Red Dog).

The movie explores the legacy and partnership of Australian country music icons Slim Dusty and Joy McKean, coming to cinemas on September 10, 2020.

The soundtrack to Slim & I is a remarkably rich audio document on so many levels.

It is a timely reminder of our Australian music heritage, a strident affirmation that our country has its own heroes and that sometimes we look afar for treasures when we just have to look down to our feet, where we are standing and the precious legacies that others have left us on these shores.

The music here also presents a refreshing approach to the giant story of Slim Dusty and emphasises the importance of Joy McKean to their incredible legacy. The soundtrack spans fifty years of music and is interspersed with interview excerpts from the cast of the film. Australian music icons Troy Cassar-Daley, Kasey Chambers, Dobe Newton, Bill Chambers, Paul Kelly, Don Walker and Missy Higgins all present insights and acoustic performances of Joy’s songs made famous by her late husband Slim.

The physical version Slim & I Standard Edition CD release is a 37 track album and there are a limited number of signed albums by Joy McKean available when ordering direct from the Slim Dusty online store. Slim & I Expanded Edition is a digital and streaming version featuring an additional 8 tracks of interviews and music (45 tracks total).

Featured on the soundtrack is a new song “I Don’t Believe You” penned by Joy McKean and co-written with her grandson James Arneman and his wife Flora Smith (Small Town Romance). The recording is performed by Small Town Romance and Joy’s daughter Anne Kirkpatrick – see clip below:

Slim & I Track List

Joy McKeanPrologue (Interview)01:24
Small Town Romance feat. Anne KirkpatrickI Don’t Believe You03:54
Joy McKeanA Lifetime On The Road (Interview)00:28
Slim DustyWhen I First Saw the Lovelight in Your Eyes – with Joy McKean – 1995 Remaster02:51
Troy Cassar-DaleyMusic & Belonging (Interview)00:57
Troy Cassar-DaleyThe Biggest Disappointment (Acoustic)02:53
Joy McKeanLearning To Sing (Interview)00:40
Joy McKean & Heather McKeanMoonrise Lullaby – Remastered03:03
Dobe NewtonSlim Jumps the Shark (Interview)00:36
Slim DustyWhen The Rain Tumbles Down In July – 1998 Remaster02:43
Paul KellyCinematic Songwriting (Interview)00:52
Slim DustyIndian Pacific – 1998 Remaster03:29
Joy McKeanKeen Young Songwriters (Interview)01:24
Joy McKean & Heather McKeanMy Hometown02:36
Joy McKean & Heather McKeanSlim’s Courtship of Joy (Interview)00:41
Joy McKeanWhat’s It Gonna Cost Me – Remastered01:49
Kasey Chambers & Bill ChambersKasey Chambers & Bill Chambers Interview & Walk A Country Mile Excerpt (Acoustic)02:18
Joy McKeanTouring Begins in 1954 (Interview)00:51
Slim DustyClosest Thing To Freedom – Remastered 201703:03
Joy McKeanOrigins of A Pub With No Beer (Interview)00:50
Slim DustyA Pub With No Beer – Soundtrack Version03:26
Don WalkerMemories Of The Showgrounds (Interview)00:59
Slim DustyWhiplash02:29
Joy McKeanLeaving The Showgrounds (Interview)00:58
Slim DustyLosin’ My Blues Tonight – Soundtrack Version03:17
Glenn A BakerRemote Touring (Interview)00:35
Slim DustyFootsteps Coming Home03:08
Gayle KennedyWriting and Performing on Country (Interview)01:04
Slim DustyPlains Of Peppimenarti – 1998 Remaster03:12
Gayle KennedyThe Beginning Of An Educated Family (Interview)01:37
Slim DustyTrumby – 1994 Remaster03:28
Paul KellyMusic At Odds With The Lyrics (Interview)00:57
Slim DustyLights On The Hill – Soundtrack Version03:02
Joy McKeanA Voice For Rural People (Interview)00:34
Slim DustyFurther Out03:26
Darren HanlonSentimentality With Age (Interview)00:57
Darren HanlonMe & Matilda (Acoustic)02:56
Bill ChambersWriting For Slim (Interview)00:53
Bill ChambersThings are Not The Same On The Land (Acoustic)02:19
Joy McKeanCarlton Station Adventures (Interview)02:02
Slim DustyRinger From The Top End – 1998 Remaster02:31
Missy HigginsSimple Songs (Interview)01:21
Missy Higgins & Dan SultanThe Biggest Disappointment03:03
Joy McKeanEpilogue (Interview)00:57
Slim DustyOne Helluva Song01:35




Slim and I documentary

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