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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is an American singer and songwriter of the country music genre. His real name is Thomas Luther Bryan born on July 17, 1976, in Leesburg, Georgia. He started his career with writing songs for other singers and then joined a records studio Capitol Nashville in 2007.

He won his first Academy of country music award in 2010 as a new solo vocalist. And since then he has been nominated for the Academy and various awards. “Himself”, “I Don’t Want To End This Night”, “Play It Again” and “Crash My Party” are some of his award-winning and top charts songs.


Luke Bryan was born to Le-Claire and Tommy Bryan. His father was a peanut farmer. At the age of 19, his brother died in a tragic car accident. Shortly after that, he moved out to Nashville. Luke went to Georgia Southern University from there he got his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Start of Career

After graduation (two years), Luke’s family moved to Nashville when his father told him to pursue a career in music. In his initial years, he was famous and known for his songwriting in the music industry. But when he started performing as a professional, he made his first song hit “All My Friends Say”. This was his first major success which lead him higher in the music industry in his upcoming years.

Music Style

Luke Bryan is officially a country or western musical artist. But when it comes to his songwriting and composition ideas, he is making a new genre. His songs give the feeling of country music and pop music at the same time. He said in 2013 that there is a room for blending genres in country music.


Debut album Introducing Luke Bryan was released in 2007 and was a major success for him. Tracks like “Country Man” and “All My Friends Say” made their way into the top 10.

Half a million copies of Doin’ My Thing 2009 album were sold which was a great success for Luke. Singles from the album (“Doin’ My Thing”) and “Rain Is A Good Thing” popped at number one on the country’s Billboard chart.

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“Rain Is A Good Thing” -2010
“Someone Else Calling You Babe” -2010
“I Don’t Want This Night To End” -2011
“Drunk On You” -2012
“That’s My Kind Of Night” -2013


While Luke was shaking the world with his hits like “That’s My Kind Of Night” his word was crippling down. Luke said in an interview that mass gatherings and attention still makes him nervous.

He revealed that he had panic attacks before every big moment, but he also said that it’s fun being anxious about the flashing times one is going to have.

In another interview to “20/20”, Luke’s mother revealed that young Luke was mostly sick so used to bounce him often and hum “Rock Of Ages” while holding him. She said that before he could talk he was able to hum “Rock Of Ages”.

According to Luke one of many causes of panic attacks was the memory of his brother of Chris. He is quoted as saying that one never truly moves beyond this kind of incident, and he still hyperventilates taking about it.

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Luke’s debut playing for a crowd was at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. His older sister Kelly Cheshire gathered a total of 129 people all from his home town to attend his debut.

The second tragedy struck a few days after his debut, his older sister died in her home. This was a turning point for Luke, with the cause of her death never determined.

After all this Luke developed a sort of P.S.T.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which kept him dwelling into grief for his loved ones.

But he never stopped working and kept on going with his life. Luke said in an interview “if the story of my life moves people in a positive manner and helps them find their path then it’s absolutely worth telling”.



We Bio Luke Bryan

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