The Steel Wheels Go Over The Trees

Read about the new, seventh release from The Steel Wheels

The Steel Wheels – Photo: LTTL

The Steel Wheels – ‘Over The Trees’ Out July 12, 2019

Virginia-based acoustic roots music collective The Steel Wheels have announced the July 12 release of their seventh full-length album, Over The Trees.

Recorded in Maine with producer Sam Kassirer, Over The Trees draws further attention to the impeccable harmonies of the four original members: Trent Wagler (guitar/banjo), Eric Brubaker (fiddle), Brian Dickel (bass) and Jay Lapp (guitars/mandolin). Now there is Kevin Garcia, who plays multiple percussion instruments, keyboard, and mallet-based instruments, formally joined the band after the 2017 release of Wild as We Came Here, which Kassirer also produced. 

Reportedly, there’s some changes to the new outing. “This is a bit of an experimental record at times, with new sounds and influences,” Wagler says. “We know where we come from. We are a string band from Virginia, but we are evolving with this album, and we are embracing the future.”

Here’s Wagler on some of the new songs:

The opening “Rains Come,” “If there are real dangers ahead in our planet’s hope for survival, why isn’t it all any of us are talking about? It’s overwhelming, that’s why. I don’t like admitting that I get stuck right there, but this song offers some of those questions.” 

“I know that ‘Get To Work’ is self-talk for when I’m feeling down, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, or when I’m feeling like, ‘Ugh, what do we do this for?’”

“Time To Rest,” (co-written by Wagler and talented songstress Sarah Siskind) has “an implied Levon Helm swing.”

Overall on the album, master fiddle player Eric Brubaker says: “At times our human response is muted and resigned, at other times triumphant and steadfast,”. Brubaker, who lost his ten year old daughter to a sudden illness earlier this year, has the final word. 

“‘Over the Trees’ is an ode to the community that rises up to support those in need, and is dedicated to the memory of Norah Brubaker.”

Tour dates HERE.

Read about the new, seventh release from The Steel Wheels

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Author: Rob Dickens

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