Sunny War’s Shell Of A Girl

Read about the new album from Sunny War and hear a new song

Sunny War – Photo: LTTL

Here at Listening Through The Lens HQ, we are unabashed big fans of Sunny War. This fascinating L.A.-based singer/songwriter/guitarist released a captivating album, With The Sun, last year which just missed out on our top twenty albums of the year.

We also made sure of catching her live at The City Winery (or as we like to call it – The City Refrigerator given its regular penchant for trying to freeze its patrons to death) in Nashville during AmericanaFest 2018. It was a wonderful performance from a special talent.

The next step. A new single “Shell” from her upcoming album Shell Of A Girl is out now. The new collection will be out August 23 2019 (on Hen House Studios), a long time but, we’ve had a sneak preview (thanks Hearth Music), and it will be worth the wait.

Shell Of A Girl was written in a burst of creativity in LA with Sunny moving from the Venice Beach boardwalk to the streets of downtown. Holed up in a studio apartment in an old halfway house that’s rumored to be haunted, Sunny muses “I think I’ve heard ghosts, but I’ve always heard ghosts everywhere. I feel like I’ve tricked myself into trying to be a part of the system that I swore I’d never participate in” she says. “Now I’m worried about moving from a studio to a one-bedroom. It bums me out when the thing I’m happy about is paying the light bill. I’m never happy about something that’s real anymore.”

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Growing up in Los Angeles’ punk scene, Sunny was hopping trains from a tender age, riding free on the rails and living homeless on the streets. Her music has always been raw, and she refuses to shy away from a brutally open honesty about the rougher parts of her life, but now that she’s gotten a modicum of comfort and routine, she finds herself looking back to what she remembers as the happiest time in her life. Far from her early days playing house shows with members of FIDLAR, and racing through punk sets with her band Anus Kings, Sunny insists she’s never lost touch with her punk roots, in fact she feels more punk than ever; “I’ve graduated to just hating everybody” she says with a laugh.

Recording again at Hen House Studios on Venice Beach with producer Harlan Steinberger and her musical collaborators Micah Nelson (Particle Kid) Aroyn Davis, Milo Gonzalez, Tato Melgar, Lesterfari Simbarashe and Edith Crash rounding out the cast.

Raw, true to her origins, a unique guitarist and vocalist, we predict Sunny War’s Shell Of A Girl will be welcomed with open arms.

Here’s the clip for “Shell”:

More info about Sunny War HERE.

Read about the new album from Sunny War and hear a new song

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Author: Rob Dickens

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