Kevin Gordon Will Tilt And Shine

Read about the new release from Kevin Gordon ‘Tilt & Shine’

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Tilt & Shine

The New Release from Kevin Gordon

Out July 27 2018


Kevin Gordon  was raised in West Monroe Louisiana.  Even though he has lived in East Nashville for the past twenty years, his vivid songwriting is still heavily influenced by the insights of his upbringing.

Since his debut in 1993, he has released five major albums with 2000’s Down To The Well a stunning highlight – a wonderful, moody collection of great songs.  The title track of that album was co-written by Colin Linden (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings) and is a duet with none-other-than Lucinda WilliamsGloryland (2011) and Long Time Gone (2015) also feature some terrific moments,  One that springs to mind is the remarkable rolling epic about his boyhood “Colfax (Step In Time)”.  The characters he creates and the observations he makes provide for rewarding listening, particularly when you consider that the majority of his tales are based on all-so-true stories.

Gordon continues to explore Louisiana on his powerful new album Tilt & Shine, out July 27, 2018 on Crowville Media.

“One of the things I like about it and am mystified by is that what passes for normal in Louisiana would not make the grade elsewhere,” Gordon says. He continues, “It’s only 4 ½ or 5 hours from Monroe,where I grew up,to New Orleans; the influence of south Louisiana, the Acadian culture, the diverse influences of New Orleans, all that stuff kind of floats around the state.”

Lucinda Williams: “He’s writing songs that are like short stories”
Noted music journalist Peter Guralnick: “Think of John Lee Hooker tied to the hard, imagistic poetry of William Carlos Williams, and you get a little bit of the picture.”

Gordon’s songs have been covered by the likes of Keith Richards, Levon Helm, Irma Thomas, The Hard Working Americans (featuring Todd Snider), Ronnie Hawkins, Sonny Burgess and Southside Johnny.

Echoing Faulkner’s famous line that “the past is never dead; it’s not even past,” Kevin declares, “There’s something about that bouncing back and forth between present tense and past tense that provides a powerful energy to work from. There are so many stories in Monroe and it’s a place that nobody pays attention to. It’s still got a real provincial thing about it that is intriguing because you feel like not everything’s been figured out. For me, you can feel the arc of time passing: you can drive by the house you lived in when you were 12; you remember things that happened there. I’m captivated by the power of strong memories—those films that run continuously in your mind, if you let ‘em.”

Before you even hear Gordon’s evocative lyrics, you start feeling the sound of that 1956 Gibson ES-125 tuned down to low, open D, with the tremolo flowing like a river, and an unstoppable groove distilled from swamp blues and Sun Records. “It inevitably provides weird sounds and chords that I would not have figured out on my own,” Gordon says. “You’re just sitting there playing and listening until something accidental sounds interesting.” It’s also a sound that comes of the four-album partnership with producer Joe McMahan (Patrick Sweany, McCrary Sisters, Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer) , who says, “It still blows my mind how after all these years he continues to bring songs to the table that are as good or better than anything he has written in the past. When the bar is raised to such a high level by songs like these, it mandates that all of us involved demand the highest level from ourselves. I’m very fortunate to be involved.”

Our very first listening gives every indication of another powerful outing from the wonderful story-teller Kevin Gordon.

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Here’s Gordon with “GTO” on Folk Alley Sessions from Long Gone Time.



Read about the new release from Kevin Gordon ‘Tilt & Shine’

Read about the new release from Kevin Gordon ‘Tilt & Shine’


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