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See how to win a copy of Things We Carry by Blue Water Highway Band

Blue Water Highway Band – photo from band website


Win a copy of Things We Carry – a CD from Blue Water Highway Band


Have you loved an album SO much that you have purchased another copy?

OR did someone provide you with a second CD for free?

OR have you made a mistake and bought the same album again?



Well, one of these things happened to us at Listening Through The Lens.  One of these days we might reveal the truth.

But it matters not to you, dear reader, for we are going to offer a copy of this album to you – for nothing.  There is a catch (isn’t there always?) but it is not a big one.  All you need to do is sign up for our newsletter – go to our front page, fill in your email details and hit ‘subscribe’ so that you receive updates by email of our new posts.  Don’t be alarmed if you are on an inbox diet and want to reduce electronic clutter.  Usually our emails only contain one subject line followed by a READ MORE tab.  You can delete and move on to the next one (although we really hope that you hit that link and read our witty, insightful and ever-so-humble articles!).

See how to win a copy of Things We Carry by Blue Water Highway Band


One of our readers Sandra put us on to this album way back and it has lived up to her hype.  It is a cracker.




See how to win a copy of Things We Carry by Blue Water Highway Band


The competition will run for 30 days – repeat you have to become a new email subscriber between now and 12 January (Australian Eastern Standard Time or around about that) to enter and one of you will be drawn randomly.  We really hope the winner is someone that lives in Australia, because shipping it to remote parts of Greenland is going to cost us more than it takes to keep this site afloat (we had 14 hits from Uzbekistan today!).  But we will guarantee its randomness and commit to whatever freight expense comes across our path – we must be so starved of attention here!).


Here is some info about the band from its website:

Blue Water Highway runs just outside of Freeport up towards Galveston along the Texas Gulf Coast. This is the part of the world where the cultures of Texas and Louisiana collide in a unique melting pot steeped in the traditions of the people of both states. It is here, in the town of Lake Jackson, TX, that Zack Kibodeaux and Greg Essington became high school friends after Zack witnessed Greg playing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” and immediately enrolled in piano lessons himself.  Their partnership included performing in musicals and local coffee shops, until the friends went their separate ways after high school. Greg headed to New York City to pursue a degree in music technology. Zack went to Texas State in San Marcos to study vocal performance, specifically opera.  Soon, Zack was writing songs and sending them to his friend in New York.  Finally, he coaxed Greg back to Texas to form the band he had been hearing in his head.  Although they had landed in their adopted hometown of San Marcos, when it came time to name the band the first thing that came to mind was the landmark back home on the coast. The two dubbed the band, Blue Water Highway Band, and began to create a sound as unique as the region they came from.

Finding the right group of people to complete the band came with its own set of challenges. Zack turned to Catherine Clark, a fellow opera singer, to complete the three part harmonies that the band would soon to be known for.  Kyle James Smith was enlisted as the bassist and Zach Landreneau joined on keyboards, lap steel, guitar, accordion, and pretty much any other instrument you can think of.  The band released a self-titled, six song, EP in 2013 and then followed that up with the full length LP “Things We Carry” in 2015.  This album featured the single “Medicine Man” that quickly became the closing song in an increasingly popular live show.

The band began touring across the United States in 2015 and continues to define themselves as a live act built on excellent musicianship, great songs, and that signature three part harmony that sets the band apart from their peers.  They continue to explore new sounds and musical landscapes will remaining true to their roots along the Blue Water Highway.


See how to win a copy of Things We Carry by Blue Water Highway Band

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