Afternoon Delight : Tim Easton and Justin Bernasconi

Pictures words re Tim Easton and Justin Bernasconi house concert



Words – Rob Dickens

Pictures – Jim Jacob


American songwriter Tim Easton was born in upstate New York, right across the river from Canada, his mother’s home country.  He grew up in Akron, Ohio and spent three years living in Tokyo.  He now resides out of Nashville (Whites Creek).

His current tour of Australia is protracted, with fourteen stops in all.  Listening Through The Lens caught his final Down Under show, a house concert on 15 October in Melbourne’s northern suburbs with the engaging title ‘Afternoon Delight’.  So it proved to be.

Easton’s intricate and well-worn guitar playing, affable manner and his gift for storytelling were all easily visible today.  Great tunes:  ”Don’t Lie”  (based on his eavesdropping of a couple in a torrid argument), ”Gallatin Pike Blues” (that East Nashville haunt), the homage ”Elmore James”, ”Don’t Walk Alone” and a new song ”Broken Hearted Man”.  Easton has released around nine albums with the most recent being American Fork in 2016 (via Last Chance Records).  He is now awaiting the mastering of a brand new collection which was recorded straight to disk.  More info about Tim HERE.

Justin Bernasconi is a local master guitar player and he provided great support for the day (assisted by Cat Canteri).  Bernasconi was formerly front man for local band The Stillsons.  More info HERE.



The extended joint jamming from Easton, Bernasconi, singer and banjo player/singer Ayleen O’Hanlon topped off a terrific back yard afternoon.




Special thanks to Monica and Bruce for hosting the show, providing sustenance and for their continued, unwavering and generous support of the music scene in Melbourne.







Pictures words re Tim Easton and Justin Bernasconi house concert



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Author: Rob Dickens

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