Sarah Carroll’s Star Parade

Read about Sarah Carroll’s new release Star Parade


By Rob Dickens


The Artist

Sarah Carroll


The Album

Star Parade


The Cover


The Release Date

March 2017


The Label

Sugarrush Music


The Introduction

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sarah Carroll has performed at most of Australia’s high-profile festivals over a twenty-five year career.  As well as her solo work, she is a stalwart member of The Junes and The Cartridge Family.


The Background

Carroll launched Star Parade with a new band called The Left Wing.  Along with her own many musical contributions on the album (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, ukelele, autoharp and percussion), The Left Wing features producer and multi-instrumentalist Leigh Ivin, her son George Wilson (bass, drums percussion) and Ronny Rindo (drums).


The Recording

The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Ivin at Vale Sound in New South Wales between September 2015 and January 2017.  There are plenty of willing able-bodied helpers here as well to round out the arrangements, including Jackie Marshall, Gleny Rae and harmonica master (and partner) Chris Wilson.


The Quote

A FIVE-STAR PARADE! When Daddy Cool and RRR legend Gary Young heard Sarah Carroll’s new album, Star Parade, he cried. That’s a five-star review in anyone’s language. Deserved, too” Jeff Jenkins


The Clip

Here’s the title track:


The Track List

1 – St. Kilda Skyline
2 – Star Parade
3 – Live Your Life Twice
4 – Lights That Dazzle
5 – Blue Eyes Cause Me Pain
6 – Heaven Is My Holden with the Windows Down
7 – After the Ride
8 – High on Lower Haight
9 – Happy Ending, Sad Song
10 – Wives Know
11 – Star Parade (Reprise)
12 – Where’d the Cows Go
13 – Healing Dog
14 – Small Courtesy


The Verdict

Sarah Carroll has made a big impression on the Melbourne music scene.  Known as a person with a big heart, she has upped the ante with Star Parade.  It is cleverly crafted, with good production values and the songs are deftly arranged.  Highlights include the reflective opener “St Kilda Skyline”, “Healing Dog” with its hypnotic ‘outtro’ and the smooth “Happy Ending, Sad Song”.  For frequent travelers to the USA’s many iconic places, you can revel in the rocking “High On Lower Haight”.  For songwriting insights, you can enjoy “Wives Know” and, if you are EVER tempted to speak loudly or constantly check your phone during a gig, please absorb “Small Courtesy”.

There’s a lot to delight in with Star Parade.


Sarah Carroll will be at AmericanaFest next week.


Read about Sarah Carroll’s new release Star Parade




Sarah will make her third trip to Americanafest in Nashville this year.

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Author: Rob Dickens

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