The Ahern Brothers

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By Rob Dickens


The Artist

The Ahern Brothers


The Album

The Ahern Brothers


The Cover

The Release Date

June 2017


The Label



The Introduction

Both highly respected solo artists and songwriters in their own right, Josh Rennie-Hynes and Steve Grady formed The Ahern Brothers after an impromptu trip to the United States in 2016.  Staring with a few days in San Francisco, they packed the car and set off.  For the next three weeks they travelled throughout Northern California and Oregon taking in national parks, small towns, cities and stories along the way, documenting the experience by writing an album’s worth of songs.


The Recording

Upon returning to Australia, they locked in studio time with renowned Melbourne Engineer and Producer Roger Bergodaz in his newly built Union St Studio.  The album was tracked completely live over two days in mid-December of 2016.  There was an emphasis placed on capturing the spirit and true performance of each song, with strictly no overdubs.

“Working with Roger Bergodaz was crucial in bringing this record to life. He immediately understood what we wanted to capture with the sound and feel of these songs,” Grady says.


The Quote

“Steve and I hadn’t written anything together before, but as soon as we got to San Francisco we pulled out our guitars, and the songs just came pouring out,” Rennie-Hynes said.  “We’d wake up, make a Coffee and work on writing a song for that day. At the end of three weeks, we had a bunch of material that we were so proud of.”


The Clip

Here is the video for “Comb That River”:


The Track List

  1. Comb That River
  2. When The Rains
  3. Today’s the First Time
  4. Bury Me Here
  5. 8 Years On The Run
  6. Call, My Lover
  7. Your Name
  8. Our Last Day


The Verdict

It’s easy to talk about the similarities with some giant artists – Simon and Garfunkel, The Everley Brothers and, more recently, Milk Carton Kids.  The gorgeous harmonious certainly are up in the heavens with class.  The Ahern Brothers also put their own stamp here, with lean and clean arrangements, soulful guitar picking and songs that cast glorious images.  Thelyrics, full of Australian places and mannerisms, provide another mark of distinction.

The package contained here is exemplary.



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Read our review of The Ahern Brothers self-titled album





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Author: Rob Dickens

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