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Watch the new video clip from roots rockers The Americans and read more.

Sometime in the 1970s, a decade before The Americans frontman Patrick Ferris and bassist Jake Faulkner were born, their mothers met on a train to Woodstock. Patrick and Jake met as children, but lived in different cities and saw little of one another before they reconnected in high school.

They got along immediately through their joy for busking and early American country and blues. “Nobody I knew liked the same music,” recalls Patrick. Jake came to San Francisco from Los Angeles to visit, bringing his guitar and baskets of recording gear. They spent that summer recording homeless street musicians with a mobile unit they lugged around the city, making copies of the recordings for the performers to sell.

Guitarist Zac Sokolow had dropped out of high school and was busking on the street and working construction in Los Angeles when Jake saw him playing guitar, and convinced him to move in with them and start a band. They spent years digging through obscure records and arcane field recordings, teaching themselves banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, and slide guitar.

Patrick calls this long immersion, during which he created and hosted a radio show, a “purist” phase. “We were suspicious of modern rock music,” he says. “When we got together and formed a band, we had to make everything from scratch. We had no template. There was no band we wanted to be like. We were curious if we could create something brand new, summoning the spirit of old blues and country through what we’d learned firsthand, leaving nostalgia behind.”

Listening Through The Lens caught The Americans’ set at the Rhythm & Roots Reunion festival in Bristol VA/TN last year.  And we managed to get a festival special-release copy of the band’s debut album I’ll Be Yours, due officially this year.  It is impressive and will provide a well-deserved spotlight for this original outfit.

The Americans’ transition to an original rock band didn’t happen overnight. Struggling to finish songs in time for their recording session, Patrick drove around late at night looking for hourly motels where he would check in to write. “I wrote a lot of the album in those rooms,” he recalls. “Not necessarily for inspiration, but for the sense of urgency they provided.” Sitting on the edge of a giant, heart-shaped bed, singing softly into a recording machine, he was sometimes interrupted by fights in the hallway, romantic couples in a neighboring room, or loud knockings on his door.

“We write our songs inside-out,” says Patrick. “We grab hold of something minuscule and primitive—a simple turn of phrase or an unusual beat—and try to build a song around it. It can be inefficient, and hard to write words over, but it’s magical when it works.”

The band’s resume is growing rapidly.  They have backed Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams, Ashley Monroe and Devendra Banhart, and twice joined Ryan Bingham on national tours. Most recently they worked closely with Jack White and T Bone Burnett in the PBS primetime series American Epic (airing 2017). Patrick went on to work on the film as an associate producer.

Here is The Americans with ‘The Right Stuff’ Official Music Video from the forthcoming album I’ll Be Yours (C) via Loose Music.



Read the news and hear some music from the talented band The Americans

Read the news and hear some music from the talented band The Americans



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