Lucy Rose – New Video, Album and Tour Dates

Read all about Lucy Rose’s new album, video and tour dates


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Introducing Lucy Rose – new video, album and tour dates – details below.

Rose has shared a new song ‘Morai’ from her forthcoming (and third) album Something’s Changing (due July 7 in North America via Arts & Crafts).  View the live video below and dates of the U.S. leg of her tour.

Of the new song, Rose explains:

“When I wrote this I was thinking a lot about fate and destiny and discovered that the Greek God in control of our fates was called Moirai. I sometimes feel like I live by ‘oh well, it wasn’t meant to be’ but what happens if it was and it’s just plain unfair that it didn’t. I often think about this when it comes to lost love which I’ve heard so many stories of for various reasons, ‘the one’ getting away. But it happens, wrong time, wrong place and I wanted to write a song about that.”

The new album is accompanied by a fly-on-the-wall short film documenting her debut tour in Latin America last year, a trip that was independently organized by Rose with the help of her fans. The tour was the inspiration for the record and the film serves as an intimate account of this process.

Rose embarked on the making of Something’s Changing following her tour for her second, critically acclaimed album Work It Out.  Over time, she noticed a steady stream of tweets reaching her from Latin America, and the unlikely statistic that geographically her music was most popular on Spotify in Mexico City.  It gave birth to the seed of an idea that became a real labor of love over the next six months.  Lucy offered her fans in Latin America a deal: “If you book me a gig, I’ll come and stay.”

For two months Lucy, with her guitar, a camera and her backpack, toured Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico, playing free shows, staying with fans and “falling back in love with making music.”  The documentary of her experience there was inspired by “the kindness and faith in music of those she met includes fans blocking the street outside a gig above a launderette, trying to sleep on endless inter-city bus rides and living with families in out-of-the-way towns;”  Rose’s husband Will Morris filmed as much as the experience as possible along the way.

Rose says:

“The documentary is a big part of this record. I think it explains why that trip was important and why it lead to me making the album that I’ve made. The trip gave me confidence to do things like record in just one take and the songs came more easily.”

With the insight gained during her travels, Lucy set out to make the third album on her own.  Through friends she began a collaboration with Brighton producer Tim Bidwell, and in his home studio found the ideal place to explore songs for a new album.  Every week Lucy would take the train to Brighton and created the new album in a mere seventeen days.

Major contributions came from by Bidwell, in-house bassist Ben Daniels and drummer Chris Boot as well as guest appearances by Daughter’s Elena Tonra, Bear’s Den’s Marcus Hamblett and Matthew and The Atlas’ Emma Gatrill.  On two tracks vocal harmonies are provided by The Staves (‘Floral Dresses’ and ‘Is This Called Home’).

“The songs just came more naturally after that trip, from feeling good and from learning so much about myself,” adds Rose. “I feel more comfortable in my own skin that I’ve ever felt in my life. So there is a lot of searching as well as a lot of discovery on this record.”

Here’s a live version of ‘Moirai’:



On select dates this year she’ll tour alongside the documentary, returning to Latin America first and then India, Europe and Asia along with North America.



Oct. 5—New York, NY—Le Poisson Rouge
Oct. 6—Somerville, MA—The Rockwell
Oct. 7—Montreal, QC—PHI Centre
Oct. 9—Toronto, ON—The Drake
Oct. 11—Chicago, IL—Schuba’s
Oct. 12—St. Paul, MN—Turf Club
Oct. 14—Vancouver, BC—The Rio Theatre
Oct. 15—Seattle, WA—The Sunset
Oct. 16—Portland, OR—Mission Theater
Oct. 18—San Francisco, CA—Swedish American Hall
Oct. 22—Los Angeles, CA—Troubadour


Read all about Lucy Rose’s new album, video and tour dates

Read all about Lucy Rose’s new album, video and tour dates

Read all about Lucy Rose’s new album, video and tour dates


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