Roger Street Friedman’s Late But Glittering Career

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By Rob Dickens

Talk about a late starter.

From a small town in Long Island, Roger Street Friedman had played music as a kid and briefly followed a recording engineer path.  However, that went by the board for many years.  Fifty in fact.  Friedman led a life as a professional and a family man.  It was only after the loss of his father and mother, and the birth of his daughter in 2006, that he was drawn back to writing, performing and recording songs.

After issuing his debut, Friedman made the bold decision to pursue music full-time.

“It was scary, but I had gotten to a point where, to be myself, I had to give music everything I had,” Friedman says. “You only get one shot in this life, you have to go for broke, no matter what it takes.”

That debut, The Waiting Sky received wide-spread acclaim and Friedman began a modest live show circuit in support of that release.

Now we have the follow-up.

Shoot The Moon was released by The Playroom Records in CD and digital formats in January 2017 (vinyl format release just out this week) and contains thirteen beautifully assembled tracks.

The uplifting New Orleans’ funk of ‘Puffs of Smoke’ and ‘Shoot The Moon’, the bright, crisp vocals of ‘Everyday’, the clever construction of ‘Tidal Wave’ and the affectionate, family oriented ‘Pour Me Another’ are the highlights here.  The collection is replete with profound and personal lyrics, crack arrangements and playing, with plenty to attract those who like alt. country, R&B, folk and funk.

The Shoot The Moon sessions were captured on analog equipment with Friedman and longtime companion Felix McTeigue in joint producer and engineer roles.  The album boasts cameos by Ari Hest, The Mastersons, Jason Crosby and Amy Helm.

It has taken Roger Street Friedman decades to work through the release of two albums.  Such a long gestation period would suggest that the new material would exude passion, skill and a mature sensibility.  It does all that in spades.

Here’s a clip of ‘Everyday’:


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read our review of ‘shoot the moon’ by roger street friedman

read our review of ‘shoot the moon’ by roger street friedman


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Author: Rob Dickens

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