Cory Branan Says Adios With A Much-Awaited Set of New Songs

Cory Branan – photo Jim Jacob

 Cory Branan Greets Us With Adios

“Cory Branan is one of my favorite songwriters working today. He writes beautiful melodies, heartbreaking phrases, and very smart lyrics. This is the kind of record that makes you hit pause every so often to process what the crazy bastard just said. Brilliant stuff.” Jason Isbell

Last Release

Cory Branan’s last album The No-Hit Wonder was gripping, one of our top twenty albums of 2014 here at Listening Through The Lens.  Anthemic songs, magnetic choruses, wry lyrical observations and flashy finger picking abounded.  The world-weariness and maturity leapt out at you from the speakers – a celebration of the undefeated underdogs of the world and a coming to terms with the cards life has dealt you.


His live shows are pliable, bordering on ramshackle.  All the more power to him for such a fresh, edgy and pure approach.  Branan’s acoustic performance at the Americana Festival in 2014 contained a set list primarily based on crowd requests, which he took on board with a flashing smile, sharp humour and a large stage presence.  In 2015 at Arkansas’ Fayettevilleroots Festival, he was amped up and cranked out the hard-to-ignore ‘Sour Mash’ to open.  All movement and energy – like a tiger caged.  Highlights were ‘Tall Green Grass’, ‘Come On, Shadow’, ‘Freefall’, ‘Imogene’ (requested by his wife from the audience) and a new song with great power about the worst maritime disaster in U.S. history.

New Album

Cory Branan is a brilliant and edgy performer.  His songwriting is sharp and profound, requiring effort from the listener which will be well rewarded.

Branan has announced a new record – Adios – out on April 7 2017 on Bloodshot Records.

Have a listen to the first song to be released – ‘Imogene”:





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Author: Rob Dickens

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