Scott H. Biram’s Bad Testament

Read about Scott H. Birham’s new ouring ‘The Bad Testament’


Scott H Biram – photo Nate Burrell

Scott H. Biram

The Bad Testament

Out February 24 2017


My first experience of Scott H. Biram was laying my eyes on the cover of his last album – Nothin’ But Blood (2014).  

There he was, eyes rolled back in his head, arms outstretched, consumed with bliss, exhaustion or guilt, half-immersed in a river of blood.

Interesting picture and what lay therein was even more startling – music that demanded your attention and threw you around a little.  As I wrote in my review at the time – a little bit Willie, Seasick, Howlin’ and metal mayhem cussing, this was a unique blend of storytelling about wrongdoing and redemption that will not leave your head in a goddamn hurry.  You can read my full review.

I am pleased to say that the Ameripolitan Award-nominated, Austin-based Biram is coming out with a follow-up, The Bad Testament, on February 24 2017 (via Bloodshot Records).  This will be his tenth album overall (sixth with Bloodshot) and reports are that The Old Testament and AA handbook get a working over.  I am even more heartened to say that Biram will be featuring on the Outlaw Country Cruise in February 2017 and I will get to catch him in person.

Here’s a sound clip for one of the new songs ‘Long Old Time’:


The Bad Testament track listing:

  1. Set Me Free
  2. Still Around
  3. Red Wine
  4. TrainWrecker
  5. Long Old Time
  6. Swift Driftin’
  7. Righteous Ways
  8. Crippled & Crazy
  9. Feel So Wrong
  10. True Religion

Bonus tracks: (Lost On The River) EP
Hit The River
Pressin’ On
What Doesn’t Kill You..


Read about Scott H. Birham’s new ouring ‘The Bad Testament’

Read about Scott H. Birham’s new ouring ‘The Bad Testament’


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Author: Rob Dickens

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