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Read about the return of BoDeans with ‘I Cant Stop’

Wisconsin-sourced BoDeans are back with their twelfth studio album featuring world-renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty, Melissa Etheridge, John Mellencamp), mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound (Cold Play, Talking Heads, The Eagles, Norah Jones).

I Can’t Stop will be on April 21 2015 (on F&A Records) which reportedly is a high-energy, American roots album that carries on what Kurt Neumann and a group of blue-collar kids began three decades ago in the Wisconsin heartland.

“We had a lot of fun making this record,” says Neumann, the band’s driving force who reunited with BoDean’s drummer Aronoff.   The band’s core is Kurt, Kenny and multi-instrumentalist Sam Hawksley.  “There was no pressure.  It was just pure positivity.  Kenny and I have been recording together for over twenty five years and being able to work with such an incredibly talented drummer is such a gift.  He always makes the song better.

Co-produced by Neumann and Sam Hawksley, I Can’t Stop was recorded during tour breaks in Nashville, Los Angeles and Kurt’s home in Austin.  The music spans dark, distorted blues (“Slave”), soul (“Love Somebody,” “I Can’t Stop), and the BoDeans’ signature anthemic pop (“Oh Mama,” “October”).  “As an artist, I think you are always trying to grow, yet still stay true to your audience and beliefs,” says Neumann. “American rock and blues have been a big influence in my life and on this record.  It’s what I do.  Cliché as it sounds, it’s who I am.  It’s in my soul.”

Previous chart topping songs like “Fadeaway”, “Only Love, and Dreams” won them Rolling Stone’s readers poll for Best New American Band in 1987, and they were part of a small contingent of bands that inspired a new radio format known as Adult Alternative, Album Rock-Triple A.  Their reputation for delivering a dynamic live show garnered support slots with U2/Joshua Tree Tour, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tom Petty, George Thorogood, The Pretenders, David Bowie, and appearances at Farm Aid, Summerfest, and ACL, among others.  They’ve been featured on Saturday Night Live, Letterman, Today, Imus, CNN, ESPN, and many more.  In the nearly thirty years that followed, the band released several albums which embody multiple songs played heavily at radio, in TV shows, and movies, and defined a sound that a generation embraced – songs like Good Things”, “You Don’t Get Much”, “Idaho”, “If It Makes You”, “Closer to Free”, “Stay”, “American”, and “All the World”, which was recently featured on CMT.

Click HERE to preview  the first single, sounding pretty good and grungy.

Read about the return of BoDeans with ‘I Cant Stop’
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Author: Rob Dickens

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  1. Return with Kenny Aronoff is really cool, but what about Sam Llanas? The band isn’t a BAND without SAM LLANAS. All this talk about returning drummers or whoever… WHERE IS SAM?

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    • Try to keep up. Read much? He quit the band in 2011, get over it. They’re better now than they have ever been.

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  2. My god please tell me that’s not the cover. That’s awful. And agreed, no Sammy Llanas, no BoDeans.

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  3. >> JCB, Well I read, and from what I’ve READ Sam did not quit the Bodeans, that’s only one side of the story. Sam was tossed out and thrown under the bus. He never intended to leave or QUIT the band. In fact, he did neither. Perhaps you should READ UP. The band made that decision for him; to remove him, which is ODD and questionable since he started this band over 30 years ago with Kurt Neumann. And I have to strongly disagree, they are NOT a better band without Sam Llanas., far from it.

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    • Captain Carl, is that you? I miss you ?

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  4. The album cover would work for a childrens book or maybe an young pop or indie artist, it just doesnt fit the bill, but I like the illustration for something else. Seems the Bodeans have been leaning towards a more country sound the past few years, and this is sending a different message entirely. I have to say I thought “Mr. Sad Clown” was the worst album Title of all time.

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    • I’m waiting for an apology for “Mr. Sad Clown”. Thank God it was a Xmas gift & I didn’t buy it. I had a strong feeling that it was a solo album by Kurt & wasn’t surprised when Sam disappeared. The following albums haven’t shown the spark or appeal of “Resolution” or “Home” and the jury is still out on the new present lineup. The return of Kenny Aronoff is the only redeeming factor. I’m still a fan but without Sam, it’s a different band period………

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      • I sorta of liked a few tracks off *Mr. Sad Clown*, and I do agree that the title isn’t their best, but some of the songs are great love songs, ‘Almost Ready’… (to forget you)…,
        but why don’t I quite believe him when he’s singing it… (I don’t think he forgot who he wrote that one about).. and ‘Hearing’ oh boy that one rings out… we hear ya Kurt
        “If I could climb the highest mountain
        If I could scream your name out loud
        I think the sound could make the distance
        To where your heart is living now”,
        damn that song struck a cord with me, it is an enormous proclamation of love, or love lost… and ‘Arms’ is just gorgeous, pure and beautiful. I treasure these songs, even cheesecake pan!

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  5. I think a few of tracks I mentioned are off *Still* another good one. “Waste a Lifetime” is great, and I think “Arms” is also on that album. I tend to lean more towards ‘Kurt’ songs rather than ‘Sammy’ songs, but I do love “Naked”. “Breathe” creeped me out. and then there are just the rest, which i call filler songs.

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  6. I don’t mind the new album cover, but not my favorite. (Are we sure this is the new cover?) I too miss Sam Llanas presence in the band, there is definitely a different dynamic in the group now without his voice and huge personality, miss those harmonies and all of his songs as well. I enjoyed the mix of Sam and Kurt’s voices, and that is what made it that unique ‘Bodeans’ sound.

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  7. sure hope the album is better than the cover. crap thats the worst one yet.

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  8. agreed. bad album cover. but I kinda agree with Todd that the album art could work for a childrens book or something kid related. not a rock band album cover. i don’t get it. but most bodeans fans probably wont.

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