Caroline Rose – Spotlight on Americanafest 2014 # 13

Read about Caroline Rose’s new CD ”I Will Not Be Afraid’

I Will Not Be Afraid – the album by Caroline Rose

Performing at Americanafest 2014


Read about Caroline Rose’s new CD ”I Will Not Be Afraid’

“Rose is a true American songwriter like Dylan, Van Zandt, or King – different stylistically, but all touch on something inherently continental…[she] spins stories with a sense of adventure, a certain badass swagger, and devil-may-care attitude.” – WXPN

Sometimes epic failures produce epic results.  With the release of her new album I Will Not Be Afraid (Little Hi! Records), keen-eyed young singer-songwriter Caroline Rose has broken her long string of short-circuits with a live-wire national debut that draws on her roots in rockabilly, vintage country and blues.

Hoping to escape the dead ends that befell her hometown, colloquially dubbed a stop on “heroin highway”, Rose found her way out via a full ride to a small liberal arts college, where she failed as a scholar, barely scraping by to graduation.  Next came a stint as a failed hippie, working on and leaving an organic farm.  She then bought a vintage sports car to travel the country, but it quickly broke down.  On the plus side, Rose got a job at a cider distillery, where she got to taste apple brandy and applejack all day…Followed by a stint stocking shelves and sweeping floors at a grocery store for a boss who eventually fired her.

“That was the last straw,” Rose recounts.  “I don’t like most bosses and most bosses don’t like me.  I don’t like most professors and most professors don’t like me.  So here I am.  I’ve made my own way on my own terms and it’s destiny knocking on my door. BAM!”

She describes the eleven songs on I Will Not Be Afraid as “postcards I’ve picked up from along the road,” and she means that literally.  Rose is in perpetual motion.  She tours and lives in her van, traveling the highways and back roads to fuel her creative spirit.



Rose’s own life seems more akin to Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.  Growing up in a coastal town, her parents — who were visual artists with a love for travel — gave Rose a restless, creative spirit.  And like many working class seaside locales, her hometown suffers epidemic heroin abuse.

“I saw a lot of my friends get consumed by it, but I was one of the people that got out,” Rose says. “I worked my ass off to go to college and that really was my only plan of escape at that point.  I think I was in denial about being an artist.”

“I finally accepted the idea that writing, singing and playing songs is the only thing I’ve ever really been good at,” Rose relates, “so I decided to forget about everything else and live in my car, and I hit the road.”


Rose joined a new generation of touring songwriters who blend tradition, innovation and edginess, like Hayes Carll, whom she opened for in 2014 and band member Jer Coons, whom Rose shared a bill with one night and discovered to be a kindred spirit. Rose produced I Will Not Be Afraid with co-production by Coons at his Burlington, Vermont studio, where they also made Rose’s 2013 self-released America Religious, playing all the guitars, keyboards, harmonica, mandolin, drums and percussion themselves.

Caroline Rose Will Be Performing at the 2014 Americanafest in Nashville

Tuesday 16 Sep and Saturday 20 Sep

Rose explains that the title track is her mantra. “So many people are held back by fear,” she says. “They wish they could do something else with their lives, and they just can’t take the first step. I grew up questioning everything and learned that I needed to be on my own. I needed freedom and I needed to create on my own terms and to keep moving forward without fear, wherever I go.

“I also came to understand that I don’t have any choice,” she continues. “Music is what keeps me breathing. I can’t do anything else.”




I Will Not Be Afraid – Track List

1. Blood on Your Bootheels
2. Tightrope Walker
3. When You Go
4. Let Me In
5. At Midnight
6. America Religious
7. Red Bikini Waltz
8. Time Spent, Money Grow!
9. Shepherd
10. Back East
11. I Will Not Be Afraid


Read about Caroline Rose’s new CD ”I Will Not Be Afraid’

Read about Caroline Rose’s new CD ”I Will Not Be Afraid’


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