Chuck Prophet Goes Night Surfing

Read about the new Chuck Prophet album Night Surfer


Chuck Prophet’s New Album

Night Surfer


I love Chuck Prophet’s work.

A key figure in the influential 1980’s indie band Green and Red, a string of compelling solo records since 1990, a sideman and session musician to many esteemed artists and a man with a damn fine sense of humour.

I finally got to see him live – not that easy when you live in Australia –  (and meet him briefly) at The Make Out Room in San Francisco last October.  It was a terrific set and one of my gigs of the year.

Prophet’s new album Night Surfer is now available for pre-order via the Yep Roc Records Store.  The CD/LP pre-order includes an instant download of the track “Wish Me Luck,” and features exclusive merch. bundles with the official T-shirt, autographed print and button.  Chuck will be autographing the limited-edition posters, available only during the pre-order.


Some Words From Chuck:
A new record. NIGHT SURFER. There are a lot of little stories on Night Surfer. But they seem to add up to one big story. What that story is, I am not really sure, but I’ll know it when it punches me in the face. We’ve got some dark scenarios, but where there’s music, there’s hope, right? Anyway, it’s definitely a guitar album, with layers. Strings and horns and those prog guitars that border on straight-up arena rock. Vocals with that hard-earned phlegm I’ve never been able to get to stick to tape before.

Twelve songs: some set after a big disaster….Love Amidst the Ruins? It’s Diamond Dogs via Mad Max…. It’s life in Startup City run amok. It’s about the landlord licking his lips, itching to sell the place out from under us and people laying down in front of google buses with their bodies. All that plus my first cover since Queen Bee. . . and some special guests like the hook machine himself: ¡Peter Buck! Night Surfer is all about a path forward, about looking around and imagining where we’ll be in 20 years if we just follow that path. And while I had originally considered all this leaning toward the dystopian, now I wonder. The future might just save us. But we have to get there first.



Read about the new Chuck Prophet album Night Surfer

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Author: Rob Dickens

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