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Read about Steve Wynn’s new CD Sketches in Spain



Steve Wynn was a key member of the iconic, post New Wave band The Dream Syndicate.  The band’s debut album (1982’s The Days Of Wine and Roses) is still considered by fans and critics alike (and yours truly) to be one of the best and most important rock albums of all time.

Steve has been on the solo trail for a while now and has produced some excellent and compelling material.  Well, Omnivore Records is now putting out the two records Wynn made with Spanish producer Paco Loco in 2000 and 2006.  Since they were only released in Spain, they’re still mostly well-kept secrets in the rest of the world.  Hopefully that will change as Omnivore has released them as a single remastered disc Sketches in Spain in the USA.

Also, The Dream Syndicate has embarked on its 30th anniversary this year.  Listen up to this!




I’ve been writing about Steve ever since I first encountered him in the early 1980’s and I’ve been prone to much hyperbole along the way, especially when it comes to the Dream Syndicate.  This time, I’ll refrain from words like “mind-blowing” but what I will impress upon you – is what these Spanish albums share with the best Dream Syndicate recordings.  And that is a timeless quality- they sounded fresh a decade or more ago, and they still do.  Don’t pigeonhole this release as a ‘reissue’ or an aural snapshot of something from the past.  There’s a new Paco & Steve album in the works, what you hold in your hands is merely parts 1 and 2 of an on-going and current day thing. Long may it run…

Pat Thomas
Burbank, CA


Read about Steve Wynn’s new CD Sketches in Spain


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Author: Rob Dickens

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