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Green Mohair Suits

The EP, The Single, The Clip – Aubergine

Despite sporadic activity in recent years, Sydney’s Green Mohair Suits are ramping it up.  The band has a full album release slated for September 2014 and has just released Aubergine, its second EP this year.

Brian Campeau and his compatriots Richard Cuthbert, Jason Mannell, and Ben Romalis – a quartet with strong four-part harmonies and love of shenanigans have sidelined the side project tag, and now appear to be allowing Green Mohair Suits to stride ahead as their frontrunner musical outlet.

Their love of Gram Parsons still close to their flannelette-covered hearts (they started playing in the guise of a Parsons tribute outfit), the band members are the first to admit that the sweeping, expansive clatter and twang they’re pedaling these days pushes their country, folk and bluegrass roots sound.



Green Mohair Suits was inspired by Beck, Fleet Foxes, Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Portishead and Parsons, and turn out their own “garage-grass” sound.  The raucous and strident delivery was honed onstage at Mullumbimby Festival, Peats Ridge Festival and Tamworth Country Music Festival, not to mention the numerous venues they’ve played in all over the country.  It’s safe to say these guys are well familiar with the toils of the tour van, as evidenced in the video for the new single, and EP title track, “Aubergine”.



The song is the first track on the Aubergine EP, a suite of songs that are simultaneously poetic and frantic, showcasing impressive four-part vocals and frenetic picking alongside beautiful tales, gentle balladry and interesting songwriting.

Exploring an oft-difficult relationship between a mother and son in the energetic “Takes One To Know One”, soaked with regret in the piano ballad “Seeds Sown”, riding the banjo in the hopeful “We’ll Pull Through” and wheeling to a screeching halt with the fantastical “Concert Cup” – about either a diabolical festival experience, a raging hangover, a broken relationship or just a cup perhaps.  Aubergine is a short, punchy look at life through a prism of experience, expertise and maybe the bottom of a beer glass.

Green Mohair Suits will be launching Aubergine soon as they plan a national album tour for the later months of 2014, with no doubt a full album in tow.


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Read about the album Aubergine by Green Mohair Suits




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Author: Rob Dickens

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