Bobby Bare Jr. Is Undefeated

Read about Bobby Bare Jr’s upcoming new release ‘Undefeated’


Bobby Bare Jr.’s New Release


is Perceptive and Compelling


Bobby Bare Jr. is the son of iconic Country Music Hall of Fame recipient Bobby Bare.  He was born into Nashville’s Music Row elite, and counted artists like Shel Silverstein as close family friends and George Jones and Tammy Wynette as next door neighbours.

He could have jumped on the coat-tails of the Nashville establishment but instead he has blazed his own career, a path of unique songwriting craftsmanship with a distinctive voice.  Undefeated is Bare Jr.’s first release since 2010 and marks his return to Bloodshot Records.  It is what he calls his ‘break-up record’, but the whole of it is much more than just that –  it’s like an emotional survival guide.  Undefeated is ten songs of reality checks, clever wordplay, and daring arrangements.




The song list on Undefeated is a war chest of formidable upper cuts and wry observations.

“North of Alabama By Mornin’” is a distorted pop rock gem bound by a driving rhythm which is a terrific opener and establishes the high quality of what is to come.  “If She Cared” is quieter, a piano-propelled track about love and regret, with some sharp notations while “The Big Time” recalls a series of final warnings to a departing lover who is going to regret her actions as she won’t be around to enjoy his inevitable future success.  Catchy brass lines infuse the moment.

“Don’t Wanna Know” is open and orchestral, emanating from a catchy bass riff and featuring nice harmonies to complement Bare’s solid vocals (he sounds a little like Conor Oberst).  The song also contains nice arrangements then a heavily distorted guitar ebbs and flows providing some fibre to the song.  “The Elegant Imposter” is a short but interesting, largely atmospheric piece while “Undefeated” is a standout, keyboards and guitar intertwining seamlessly as layers of high harmonies are mixed with a rolling guitar break which builds to a brilliant crescendo.

The playful “My Baby Took My Baby Away” follows while “Blame Everybody (But Yourself)”, the latter comprising distinguished, soaring vocals with strident harmonies with an engaging brass-line hook.  “As Forever Became Never Again” is a slow builder with crisp production values evident with a tremendous crescendo.  “Don’t Stand At The Stove” is totally engaging.

Here’s a video of a solo acoustic version of “The Big Time”.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/cuBvK26mv98″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


This is a fine record and deserves to reach a wide market.


“What’s most remarkable about Bare’s songs is how effortlessly catchy they are…The only real curiosity about Bare’s career to date is that he hasn’t yet become a big name in modern rock–the kind of artist whose every album is awaited with the eager anticipation that greets the latest from Spoon or the Shins.” — Nashville Scene

The 10 rootsy Americana-style rock songs are at once poignant and shot through with mordant wit. – Wall Street Journal

Undefeated is a true delight. In an era when far too many artists take themselves too seriously, Undefeated is a welcome tonic. Easily digestible, wholeheartedly inoffensive and very much DIY, this is an album that makes the forty minutes more than worth the investment. If only every disc could be this much fun. – Absolute Punk


Read about Bobby Bare Jr’s upcoming new release ‘Undefeated’





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Author: Rob Dickens

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